9 thoughts on “Cheeze undt krakers!”

  1. I can see why y’all tied… I can’t decide which one is better, either!

  2. I think you should have your own dessert.

    The “Peach Lawdog” doesn’t quite do it, but a dessert is surely in your future. Mate.

  3. I’ll hold my womanhood cheap,
    Who did not compete
    Upon St. Kitten’s day.

    ‘T’was mightily droll, ‘Dawg. 🙂

  4. Dog, ya probably deserved to win for being the first to shake a spear (and it was good), but I hafta admit Byrne’s entry was pretty dern funny.


  5. I expectorate upon your cheap Henry Vee knock-off. Check out my “Cats on the rooftops” at Cowboy Blobs!
    Best-of-show, paws down.

  6. Awesome pictures, love the first one, the cat with the mic, really funny stuff.

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