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  1. These guys have really brought some fresh ideas to Christmas music. They’ve also written a rather lengthy list of potential classics.

  2. Good choice, LD. As it happens, I’ve got Savatage’s “The Wake of Magellan” CD going on Windows Media Player as I write this. Whether they call themselves “Savatage” or “TSO”…those guys rock.

    I’m thinking I’ll be following “Wake of Magellan” up with TSO’s “Beethoven’s Last Night” tonight. And finish up, of course, with “Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24″…which ought to really make my neighbors happy at this time of night. Oh well…

    –Wes S.

  3. T.-S. O is playing Dallas on Saturday the 16th.

    Just a PSA.


  4. TSO here in Austin 12/22.
    These guys are great!
    This is one of my favs.

  5. Hmm. I’m going to have to look for some of their stuff. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. The ‘Dog likes TSO? Go figure…

    Anyhoo, great taste Lawdog. Those guys play several gigs in my area each Christmas season. Their CDs are absolutely worth a listen.



  7. Thanks LD. I happen to *love* TSO….. Girlfriend and I happened to catch their show when they came through town a week or so ago…. Absolutely AMAZING!

  8. If you can make it to the Austin (12-22)or San Antonio (12-23) show, DO IT. It’s completely worth it. I’ve literally seen hundreds of shows in my life, and this is easily top three.

    CD’s are really cool, too. Get “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” and you get a two disc set: Disc one is the music. Disc two is the entire story with narration between songs. It’s awe-inspiring.

    Oh, onstage they do narration.



  9. Thank you, LawDag. That is my favorite Christmas tune and I love the video!

    You should know how much we appreciate your blog.

  10. Well, you sunny beach, you – you done started the Mrs off on a MAJOR search for new music.

    But, day-um, that was good!

    It still doesn’t _quite_ replace “Winter Song” by Angel in my heart, but comes close…


  11. My 5 y.o., who’s about the age of the girl in the video calls that “the ding-dong song”. It was her motivation to figure out how to find the 11 volume setting, and stabs rewind as soon as the song’s over.

    Merry Christmas, lawdog!

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