Shooting the Crickett

The Crickett rifle that Reno ordered for his daughter came in.

Since Reno is a thoughtful father, it was, of course, necessary to take it the range and sight it in before being presented to the young lady on Christmas morn.

And before you ask: any firearm should be tested with at least 200 rounds. So we brought a 550 round brick of .22LR. Maybe two. I forget.

*scratch, scratch*

You know, you’d think that no one else has ever seen two gentlemen of the knuckle-dragging persuasion hunkered down with a spotting scope and a hot pink .22 rifle — properly sandbagged and resting on a benchmount.

The peep sight is a little coarse, but we got a 25 yard POA/POI good enough to reliably break clay pigeons.

Unfortunately, Reno has a scope mount on order, so when that comes in, we’ll have to do the whole “sighting-in” thing all over again. Forced to put another box of .22 through it.


Ah, well, the sacrifices one must make.

It’s a sweet little rifle — emphasis on the “little”. Had some teething problems with extracting empty cases, but we hit some burrs with a file and pretty much cleared that up.

I’d recommend the Crickett rifle for any parent who wants to give their little shooter that first rifle.


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14 thoughts on “Shooting the Crickett”

  1. I really am jealous of her. All I’m getting for Christmas is a BB gun. I should have the 10/22 my heart is set on by next year, though!

    He’s a good daddy for getting it for her, and you’re a great pal for being seen with it at the range.

  2. Oh I would have loved to be a fly on the wall hearing what jokes had to be said (about the two men and the pink rifle). Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but one just expects to hear the jokes.

  3. I’m proud of you and Reno. You made sure that the rifle was safe and reliable before giving it to her. Now, of course, Reno needs to buy a full size 22 for her, for when she is older. I suggest either a Marlin 60 for accuracy or a Ruger 10/22 for accessories. Of course, Reno will need to thoroughly test this rifle. He will also need to perform routine tests to make sure it is still functioning while he waits for her to be big enough for it.

  4. I’m *that* much closer to buying one (hot pink natch) for my daughter, even though she’s a good year or two from hitting the range with me. 😀


  5. How was the trigger on that little rifle? I’d be interested to know how good they could make it for that kind of price.

  6. I bought a Crickett for my son about 5 years ago (he now wants to upgrade to my 10/22). It is a nice gun quite capable of nickle sized groups (+ maybe a little) at 25 yards. The only down size is that my sons had a trigger pull that is at least twice the weight of the rifle itself.

    Other then that you could do a lot worse.


  7. You shoulda worn that pink santa suit along with it, maybe coulda inspired you to finish that story?

    I had a remington nylon 66 I gave my daughter, she can take the center out of a target with it at 25 yards pretty fast. She could never own a cricket unless it got painted, she says pink is skippy and wont have anything that is pick. I don’t know what skippy is but she does not think it is good, she calls me skippy also when she is mad at me.

  8. Too freaking cool. That’s gonna be one happy little girl for Christmas. That is, if she can ever pry the rifle away from you.

  9. Friend of mine has a 10-month-old daughter and plans to get one for her. Glad he didn’t need it yet, they’ve been in short supply it seems.

  10. My Husband bought me a Hot Pink 22 riffle today. this thing is Freaking Awsome was told there are only 100 made in the world. but mine says its made by Ruger not cricket. anyways i love my new 22

  11. I just bought one (yes, hot pink)for my twin daughters for Valentine’s Day. We’ll be sighting it in tomorrow. They love it already and can’t wait to get their little fingers on it! Oh, thanks for the advice on the extractor, I’ll keep that in mind. Now, if I can only find a hot pink/camo sling to go with it….

  12. I p;icked one up for my daughter, on clearance at Bass Pro. Overall, okay rifle, but had it been full price, I would have opted for the Savage Scout. The trigger on the Crikett was very rough, both in pull and burrs on the edges. I pulled it out, buffed the edges, & polished the contact surfaces. Great smooth pull now. She is learning to shoot very well with it, of course safety being the most omportant lesson. The gun is pretty accurate, and so far has been very reliable.

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