Went to the theatre to see Shrek 3 with Tole, his better half and the sprogs.

Kiddos loved it.

Personally, I loved Shrek 2, and the first movie tickled my funny bone, too.

This one … fifteen minutes into the movie and I’m rooting for Prince Charming. The charm of the Shrek franchise is the sly stuff aimed at the adults in the audience — well, I don’t know if someone complained, or what, but #3 lacks the wink-and-a-nod at the grown-ups.

Without that, Shrek 3 is just a ponderous, stodgy, completely predictable children’s tale.

Plus, it kind of felt like Mike Myers phoned in his performance — probably figured out that his money ride is coming to an end.

If you have little ones, go see it. Otherwise, rent a DVD copy of Flushed Away and save yourself the $7 matinee price.


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11 thoughts on “Blah.”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Some movie reviewer complained it had too much adult wink and nod.

    I prefer to believe you.

    I’ll check out flushed away instead

  2. My kids love Flushed Away, and I do too, for that matter. Another good one is Over The Hedge, it’s LOL hilarious!

    I think we’ll be skipping Shrek 3, unless they drag me to the theater kicking and screaming.

  3. We went to see 3 on Tuesday night, and I hated it. It was boring, flat and just plain blah.

    Wish I’d known before we dropped the cash. Oh well.

  4. I haven’t seen Shrek 3 yet but tonight at 5:30 I’m going to see Pirates 3.

    Lawdog, $7 is your matinee cost?! Our matinee is $5 & general admission is $7.

  5. Some of the best bits of Flushed Away were the jokes aimed at adults.

    *minor spoiler*

    Like the bit where there’s an insect reading a copy of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis.”

  6. That’s too bad. The first two movies are way up towards the top of my list, and I’ve been anticipating this one eagerly. I’m hoping my tastes are different enough from yours that I enjoy it more. I think I’ll put off the viewing until I can rent it now.

  7. FWIW, I saw the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean and thought it a real hoot.

    Long though…

  8. Well, the wife and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 today and thought it was well worth our time and money. It is a great end to the series.

  9. The first Shrek movie was so funny I can still go back after 5-6 times and I probably could pick up a new innuendo. I really liked 2, but the humor wasn’t as sly. So I’m not surprised 3 is even more watered down, and am grateful for the review. Pirates of the Carribean? Didn’t see 1 and 2. Won’t see 3. Nor Spiderman.Harrison Ford is getting a little long in the tooth (and with my own aging I actually now know what that means) for another Indiana Jones movie, so I will just hang out with my granddaughters for the next Harry Potter.

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