4 thoughts on “And the ranks grow.”

  1. Under his photo it says “An ideal blend of Jayne Cobb and Skull the Troll.”

    Oh my God I’m such a geek I didn’t even need any of that explained to me.

  2. I was just over there, and enjoyed the writing. I bookmarked it; entertaining writing and recommendations from LawDog and Tam create great expectations from those of us without the time or the will to bite the bullet and go beyond occasional posts in other people’s Comments section.

    I’ve got no clue what the whole hat/Jayne Cobb reference thing is. I’ve decided to decide that this is proof positive that I’m no longer a geek, if I ever was one to start with. That’s my decision.

  3. You, my friend, have missed out on one of the greatest TeeVee shows that no one ever watched.

    Get thee to a video store and rent the Firefly series.

  4. It would be a mistake not to watch Firefly. You would regret it eventually.

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