I’m charmed.

One of my Gentle Readers has apparently been so taken with my story of the chit-chat, that he has gone and drawn the hero of that story.

Mr. Morgan has furthered contacted me to ask permission to write a short comic involving that little chit-chat.

I am charmed and I am honoured. As long as I — or my blog — is credited with the story, go forth and best of luck.

Thank you.


Sky being blue, water being wet, and all that.

11 thoughts on “I’m charmed.”

  1. What a magnificent beast, and the drawing is fantastic.

    It’ll end up an Adult Swim cartoon, just watch.

  2. They have found their way to Louisiana. I love our house geckos, anything that eats bugs is a friend of mine.

  3. McAfee in their infinite lack of wisdom has decided that the link to the Revenge of the Gecko is to be blocked for “Categorization: Arts, Culture or Heritage, Nudity”

    As if anyone cared if the Gecko in question was wearing clothing…..

  4. Dawg: What a great story of the chit-chat. The cartoon picture of the Major is excellent

  5. The notorious Sumdood would have to be drawn as a mysterious hooded figure since nobody has ever seen his face and been able to accurately describe him. I’ve even heard tales that sumdood has even taken on the form of a woman and is known as sumchick when in the distaff form.

  6. I was wondering how you would draw someone who’s never been seen. NOw I’ve got an idea

  7. Mr. Morgan needs a bit of coaching. The Major had very dark blue eyes and looked slightly less like a viper. And he had a tongue that could not only lick one eye, but could wrap all the way around his head and lick the other. Suction cups on the digits, please.

  8. I somehow missed the Major’s story the first time around!

    I’m snickering in my cube at work again.

    When the Marine!Goth was little, he used to spend HOURS chasing the house lizards in Florida when we went to visit friends of my parents. They are smarter little critters than one could imagine. They would tease him by ALMOST letting him catch them, then flick away faster than your eye can follow. But if there was an adult ‘helping’, you wouldn’t get within three feet of them.

  9. What a fresh story !! why you don't write a book? It will be a great editorial success!

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