By way of Tolewyn, I have discovered Uncle Jay Explains.

Uncle Jay is a sort of Mr.-Rogers-Gone-Slightly-Wrong who attempts to help ‘little minds’ understand the news by way of short videos.

He also owes me one set of sinuses after the following video caused me to blow half-a-mug of the Assam Estates finest through my snout.

There are many more similar videos at the above linked site, and at YouTube.



Kee riced all my tea.
Bad apples

13 thoughts on “*gigglesnort*”

  1. I want to be a congressman when I grow up.

    *wishes there was a grin smiley*

  2. That is entirely too funny. I’ll be watching some more of Uncle Jay’s vids. Thanks for the tip, Deputy.

  3. Oh my…I have to watch these often, I can tell I won’t be disappointed!

    Now here’s a guy that DESERVES his own TV show!

    Yet the “Britney Kid” gets one instead…yeesh…

    Ah well…

  4. This guy is hillarious. Thanks for the link and all the laughs.

    I especially laughed hard at the feb 18 episode(second video from the right if you use the menu).

    Frequently not that PG-13… but hey love children’s program for adults thing. 😉

  5. Criminy. These people are on vacation for most of the year, and still manage to find the time to draft legislation that’s as capricious as it is idiotic.

    Can you imagine what it would be like if they worked a standard 40 hour work week like the rest of us?


  6. Well, that settles it, I’m going into politics. I get paid tons of money to do nothing, can vote myself a huge raise at the tax payers expense, and I don’t have to actually work!! AWESOME!!

  7. all things considered i think i’m better off when my congress critters are goofing off on a beach in hawaii. sanders, leahy and jeffords, what a pack of scalawags.

  8. That guy is hilarious! I wish my Uncle Jay (I really have one) was that entertaining!

  9. That guy is hilarious! I wish my Uncle Jay (I really have one) was that entertaining!

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