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  1. oh my oh my *rubs hands and settles down to wait* … for a moment there, I thought it was gonna be the Pink Gorilla Chapter Two … or the drunken armadillo … but this one is just as good. In fact, any story you care to carry on is going to be good. I’ll just settle back with a coffee and wait… anyone got any biscuits?

  2. I have scrupulously NOT picked ol’ pal LawDog’s brain about the UpAndComingCollaboration.

    But I’ll just bet that it’s another example of his and my mantra that: “It Ain’t Like TV; It Ain’t Like TV; It Ain’t Like TV; It Ain’t…”

    I’ll see you one shoot-out and pursuit, and raise you a fun-run escort, a distribution of council packets, and a vacant highway with nothing passing for 45 minutes.

  3. Goddess LawDog, that would have been hysterical to see. You continually reaffirm the notion that not all Peace Officers are the complete morons you see here in the Midwest.

  4. The old story in the link… I remembered reading that when I first found TLDF. I thought it was hilarious and I kinda wished I was one of the neighbors who was lucky enough to be a bystander.

  5. Had a deputy down in Bastrop LA pass on my Dad’s effects after he passed away down there with no family close. Young guy, handled it very compassionately and professionally.

    Small town cops ain’t all bad. 🙂

  6. Not only that, the little old lady turned out to be the grandmother of my cousin’s husband…unbeknownst to any of us at the time.
    Then there’s the time the Dog went back because there was one persistent badass ghost, and Dog sprayed it with that luminous silly string goop. Trapped it, too, and carried it out the door.

  7. Matt, you left out the heard of cow/calf usually shepherded by car and foot and a brier patch.

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