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  1. I’m wondering when they are going to close that dangerous “Car Show loophole”. An “unlicensed car dealer” can sell a vehicle capable of going over 100MPH without a background check, or even verifying that the buyer has a license. Not to mention whether the buyer has ever had a DUI.

  2. They never seem to get that regulating firearms isn’t regulating criminals.

  3. Politicians, lawyers, the media. There’s not a one of them that is capable of a thought independent of the awesome and awful political correctness.
    By the way, I’ve a ’76 Olds Royale with a kaput transmission for sale that will cap out 100 MPH without even stressing….

  4. Ever since a friend of mine had a shotgun stolen that was later used in a homicide, I’ve been twitchy about sales to private parties.

    I’ll still do them, but only if the individual is personally known to me or a person I trust. We also sign affadavits that the gun is not stolen and the buyer is legally able to own the weapon.

    I once conducted an aisle sale at a gun show and did not get a single document to back up the sale. I regretted it for months. I later met the buyer at the local gun club. As it turns out he was a retired LEO so there was no harm done.

  5. Yes you can.

    tbeck said…
    …friend of mine had a shotgun stolen that was later used in a homicide, I’ve been twitchy about sales to private parties.

    In your anecdote, the criminal isn’t even engaging in a private sale, let alone a “safe” FFL sale. Why would that make you twitchy?

  6. It makes me twitchy because there is no official paper trail to show that the weapon has left my custody if I sell to a private party.

    If said private party uses the weapon to commit a crime I become involved in a criminal investigation. Maybe I get sued for “putting guns in the hands of criminals.” When an online store can get pilloried for selling Glock magazines to a college student of legal age to own a pistol, that sends a clear message.

    I don’t mind selling to private parties, as long as I have a reasonable belief that they are “good people.” But transferring the weapon through an FFL gives a person a certain degree of insulation from later acts committed with the weapon.

  7. Which brings up a related question in my mind.

    What are Lawdog, Cowtown Cop, and other law enforcement agents who say they favor private ownership of firearms going to do when the boss says to go take them away from us under the Obama Dictatorship Act of 2010?

    Your job or your principles?

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