Last Gun Nuts radio show …

… of 2008, that is.

For those few Gentle Readers who don’t know, Caleb of “Call me Ahab” and Breda of “The Breda Fallacy” (Viva La Bredalucion!) have an web radio show/web chat every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM Central Time called Gun Nuts Radio in which many topics of importance to the Internet Gun Community are discussed.

It is — without doubt — one of the fastest hours on the Internet; and many shining luminaries of the Gunny side of Blogworld can often be found in the chat and sometimes calling in.

I’d take it kindly if y’all might go by and wish Breda and Caleb a Happy New Year.

And don’t miss the after show party at Gunblogger Conspiracy.



7 thoughts on “Last Gun Nuts radio show …”

  1. Off topic, I’m afraid, but…
    Knighthood for Terry Pratchett! Feudalistic relic, to be sure, but still wonderful (Reg Shoe is probably turning in his grave… ah, maybe not).
    Duke Sir Commander Terry Pratchett has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
    He’s armigerous, now. Fred may have a cream for that.
    Looking forward to seeing him in tights.

    Manchester, Lanc(re)shire

  2. Did I hear them say the Lawdog call in show was in the top 5 for the year?

  3. Happy New Year LawDog, your Blog was the reason I started my own. I’ve seen (and done) so many strang things it needs to be written down.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  4. LawDog, sir, thank you so much for the link! Its always a pleasure to know you’re listening and we love it when you call in.

    Happy new year!

  5. Happy New Year, LD!
    Unfortunately, I had to work until 6 PM PST, so I missed the show. Hopefully I’ll be home early next Tuesday!

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