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  1. “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” Thomas Jefferson


  2. Dog, I respect you, but I voted for Obama (or would have, had not Messieurs Cheney and Rumsfeld slipped another “Citizen Test” in the way while I wasn’t looking), so I have to ask.

    Which do you consider more important? The Bible, or the Constitution of the United States? Because Mr. Bush and all the front-running Republican candidates have made plain that the Bible trumps the Constitution.

    I do not recognise that any document outranks, trumps, or supercedes the Constitution of the land of my birth. Nor, apparently, does Mr. Obama. This leaves him open to debate. Mr. McCain and Ms Palin see no such need to talk.

    This is anathema to me. I grok your point, but my point is that the Republican Party sees their Book as being more important than the Constitution, that the Constitution can be cast aside in their War on Another God, and that as a Constitution-Loving American I cannot support their assault upon it.

    This is one Nation, under a Constitition. God is someone else’s business.

  3. Mark,

    A couple of questions:

    1) If Gov. Palin believes her religious beliefs trump the Constitution, could you explain to me why she vetoed legislation that would have prevented same-sex couples from receiving health care benefits in her state because it was unconstitutional?

    2) Also, where in the Constitution are Mr. Obama’s proposals covered?

    Seeing you sipping Victory Gin in the Chestnut Tree Cafe saddens me immensely.

    Don’t believe what MiniTrue tells you about Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Don’t believe the hype.

  4. In 1980 bloated government was part of the problem. In 2004-2008 an administration hell-bent on cutting government regulation and oversight down to nil was also part of the problem. Not saying big government is the answer, but I am afraid to let my child eat a snack I bought a month or two ago for fear of poisoning because the FDA was a sham. The SEC was turned into a sham, and now BILLIONs have to be spent either in bailouts or FDIC insurance. By all means please criticize what we are doing to get out of this mess, but blindly saying that government is the problem is ignoring the areas that bigger government oversight would have prevented all this crap.

  5. “In 2004-2008 an administration hell-bent on cutting government regulation and oversight down to nil…”

    On what planet did this occur?

    Pinko, please! Try the talking points with the Kossacks. They believe them.

    Cutting regulation and oversight down to the bone…?!?! My customers had to use the side door for a week because we had to tear up and re-pour the front sidewalk because a six foot stretch of it had sunk by 0.5″, which rendered the whole thing non-ADA compliant.

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