11 SEP 2011

Seems the Thing To Do Today is to remember what you were doing on this date, ten years ago.

Really? One tiny decade later? Ask me on the fiftieth anniversary. That’s a decent amount of time for commemoration.

Instead we should be remembering what we weren’t doing on this day ten years ago.

Ten years ago we weren’t detaining WWII fighter aces at the aeroport screening for attempting to bring their Medal of Honor onto an aeroplane.

Ten years ago strangers fondling the genital areas of your children and your spouse in public were being arrested instead of being excused.

Ten years ago the Federal Government wasn’t trying to ram National Identity Papers down everyone’s throats.

The American Government’s reaction to the 9/11 attack has done more damage to individual liberty and individual freedom in this country than the combined efforts of every terrorist since Year Dot.

And what does the Media do about this? They engage in misty-eyed navel-gazing and the exploration of FEEEE-lings on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.


You know what I’m going to do to remember 11 SEP 2001? I’m going to go buy an American military service-member a beer and thank that person for volunteering to be a tiny cog that had a part — however small, however seemingly inconsequential — in getting Usama bin Laden shot in the face.

That is a proper remembrance for this date, ten years back.


Bifocals. I haz dem.
What the hell ... ?

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  1. the .gov reaction was as usual, blame the innocent and slap everyone (except the guilty) in chains (read seriously mis named PATRIOT act) 1984 was supposed to be a warning not a how to guide.

    the murderous scum won,

    you doubt that walk through a TSA checkpoint at the airport.


  2. Very nice post. I would add to your list of consequences the erosion of the fourth amendment thanks to domestic surveillance from the NSA and national security letters.

  3. 1. Bitter, bitter, bitter….
    2. You are beginning to sound like a cranky old man.
    3. Me, for instance.
    4. Am on orders from my spouse to keep my mouth shut.
    5. She didn't say anything about the key pad.
    6. She is much younger than I and still cares what others think.
    7. Join me in the depths of crankitude:
    A. Our military isn't too hot at fighting peasant irregulars. Been there and done that.
    B. Our intelligence still pretty much sucks -except for sigint and overheads.
    C. We're trading our freedoms for the illusion of security.
    D. Seeing the police spending more time in black, tactical clothing. Reminds me of other places I've been. (As in: don't make eye contact unless you want the crap beaten out of you -or worse.)
    E. Wife wakes me up on May 2, tells me they got Bin Laden. Tell her: "Only took ten years." She says, "You're such a jerk."
    8. Buying no drinks on any of this. Will say a prayer and wish Godspeed to 3000 souls and comfort to their bereaved.
    V/R JWest

  4. A drink & prayer of thanks!
    Ulises from CA, whose sister had a ringside seat (Queens).

  5. I'll drink to that.

    I spent yesterday nodding to or thanking the people I spotted wearing NYPD, FDNY, or military-related t-shirts and caps, and refraining from choking the one kid I saw wearing an "inside job" t-shirt. Freedom means letting him be just that stupid.

  6. This is the only 9/11 post I've read so far that didn't have me wincing.

    I agree with you 100%.

  7. I was at GBR6 in Reno as were the Tailhook folks.
    Shook a lot of hands, thanked a lot of folks, bought a lot of beers.
    As fine a group of our 'future' to make an old vet proud.

  8. Welcome back. You were missed. It gets lonely sometimes, out here in bitter clinger land.

  9. I could rant for hours about what you summarized. Never forget should be about the freedom that slips away every day.

    Good post and enlightening.

  10. Oh really the correct response to seeing a "Happy Star" is Sir let me make sure that you are not bothered further (with optional salute if you are a reservist).

    I think Protocol is that the POTUS has to salute you if you have a "Happy Star".

    please tell me they did not scrap his Medal.

  11. Dammit! I blame Larry Corriea for this. One day I am a happy stupid schmuck living a ignorant life, and the next thing ya know…I'm following links.

    Damn Monster Hunter.

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