As I mentioned earlier, we are currently graced with the presence of OldNFO and AEPilotJim; and just a little bit ago EvylRobot Michael and Jennifer dropped by.

We discussed the plight of loved friends, and Things Have Been Jolly Well Sorted Out.

OldNFO has decided to raffle one of his Colt Diamondbacks for the cause. It’s blued, 4-inch, 38 Special and is just back from Cylinder and Slide who have — no doubt — done their usual excellent work on the pistol.

It’s a shooter, not a safe queen.

Having heard this announcement, Michael has decided to help by donating a holster. If you’re the winner, tell him if you want an Inside-the-Waistband or an Outside-the-Waistband, and he’ll make it for you.

Not to be outdone, Good Friend Joe Speer over at Jackalope Rifle Company announced that he would provide a second place prize. For those who hanker for something a little … different … he will donate a replica 14th-century handgonne.

Or a knife, if your tastes run that way.

So, here’s the deal.

Go over to Tam’s blog and hit her PayPal. I am told that there will be a receipt of some kind that pops up and can be printed off. Enter the word “DIAMONDBACK” on there somewhere, and e-mail the receipt to OldNFO.

Each donation to Tam of $25 gets you one entry into the raffle. Want two chances to win this pistol and holster, or the handgonne? Donate $50 to Tam. Want four chances? Donate $100.

OldNFO would like to see $1500 go to Tamara. I’d like to see that number left gasping in the dust on the way to double or triple that.

I am told that my lady and Jennifer are collaborating upon another raffle for the same cause, I am sure that details will be forth-coming.

Make me proud, folks.


UPDATE: Stingray and LabRat over at Atomic Nerds are throwing their hat into the ring for Tamara. Also in the raffle will be a $200 gift certificate to Brownell’s. Check with OldNFO for details.

Well done, my friends. Well done, indeed.


Well, that's different
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12 thoughts on “Okay”

  1. Easy to make you proud…have a blog meet! will pay up the wazoo for that!

  2. lawdog.
    We did a Sheriff's posse and donated the money to the person.
    Don't you have a posse?
    Just asking.
    Couldn't you coordinate one?

  3. I so wish Tam didn't have to go through this, but it is amazing to watch everybody come together.

  4. I sent her a little money, I don't need any prizes. Nice of all of you though.

  5. I had already planned on sending a bit on payday. Now the amount is increased and guaranteed. My grandma just passed due to a softball sized tumor after fighting for over a year and a half (she'd had it for much longer, we'd just known about it for that long). I'm sure Tam will come out on top.


  6. Thank you all.

    (Even if it did make me get all weepy right in the middle of the ammo department at Gander Mountain…)

  7. Well done, LD. I can't do much, having spent almost all my available SS on the just-past election. Tell Tam my PPal ID is Rifler39.

  8. Kicked in a few bucks.

    I'm not really a wheel gun fan, so I asked Old NFO to put Tam's name in on my slot instead of myself. Not sure if it's against the rules, but I've been known to bend those time to time anyways.

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