So, let me get this straight:

The same folks who closed down a privately-funded, open air memorial to World War 2 and closed down over a thousand square miles of the Atlantic Ocean because of a temper tantrum …

… think that it’s a good idea to be involved in your health care.


And this is a good idea … why?

Coercion is coercion. Anyone who’d stoop to holding a privately-funded park hostage for political gain would probably rub his pedipalps with glee at the thought of holding your healthcare hostage for even greater political gain.

But, that’s just me.


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25 thoughts on “So, let me get this straight:”

  1. Tsk, tsk. Implying that spiders would stoop even half so low as politicians…

  2. LD,

    I've been assured by those in "the party for peace"(tm) tht they would never use strong arm tactics with my healthcare except to make me purchase it.


  3. LD,

    I've been assured by those in "the party for peace"(tm) tht they would never use strong arm tactics with my healthcare except to make me purchase it.


  4. I keep telling my leftie family members that if they are uncomfortable with the idea of a "Right Wing Nut Job" administration running a program, or having control over some aspect of their life, they shouldn't let any administration have that right.

    Somehow they always think that there side will only use their powers for good, even after you have rubbed their noses in the intended consequences.

  5. I am exdeedingly fearful that because the idiots in WASH dot DEECEE have been so thoroughly insulated for so long from the consequenses of their actions, they will set off a shooting revolution then stand there with a blank look on their bloated faces wondering what happened.

    Perhaps it is time that the sorts of misfeasance and malfeasance shown by our Lords and Masters along with their acolytes and minions be punished by hanging or long REAL prison sentences rather than a few months in Summer Camp.

    Politicians, political appointees, and Public Employees really need to have some skin in the game.

  6. Been in healthcare (MD) for 31 years. In that time I have worked with Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA system (former MOD at VAWS), and all I can say is that the government has done SUCH a bang-up job with those programs, why not give them the whole enchilada?

    The crying shame is that there are still humans (I refuse to preface that with "intelligent") who think it's a good idea.

    I need to retire.

  7. PS – If you are going to Bogorado, keep half an eye on Scribbler for me!


  8. Yep, shut down the ocean, kick families out of there private homes, shut down a privately run inn, all because they are on federal land… But the golf course on Andrews Air Force Base remains open… for the Pres to play golf… and the children…right? The children?????


  9. And don't forget the wise and mature act of taking the handles off the drinking fountain of a jogging and walking trail. Pardon me if I sound unhappy, I got my "tough noogies" letter cancelling my independent-contractor health insurance because it does not meet the Feds tastes. Thppppth.


  10. Wasn't there just something in the paper about how honest and trustworthy the IRS is? This couldn't possibly go wrong.

  11. They truly do intend harm, both to all of us, and the nation.

    Bitch of it is, the 'net blesses us with out-of-MSN info and networking, and it also curses us with dot-gov grade monitoring of each and every letter, word and post.

    But, it's going to come upon us that we must press ahead, regardless.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  12. Government should never be in charge of services that can be used to coerce the citizens out of their freedoms.

  13. LittleRed1, taking the handles off water fountains is a routine action in many National Parks. As the weather gets colder, the Park Service turns off the water and removes the handles, so the fountain doesn't get damaged by winter weather.

    Now, if they were doing it in the Everglades or another location where winter doesn't get extended freezes, that would be worth getting ticked about.

  14. Supposedly, the national parks belong to We the People, and the federal government just administers them in our name on our behalf.

    The fact that with the federal government in partial shutdown we get arrested, ticketed and fined for "trespassing" on our own public lands tells all we need to know about who really owns what.

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  16. Uh, you DO realize that the Republicans were the ones who shut all that down, right?

    I mean, they were the ones who refused to fund the federal government because they didn't get their way.

    Blaming the Democrats for shutting down the parks is like blaming the workers you just laid off for not working – if you aren't paying people, why do you expect them to work for you?

  17. Just for the sake of the one person who may not realize what's so wrong with Unknown's comment:

    LawDog isn't complaining about the government shutdown. He's complaining about the fact that the liberal intelligentsia needed to save money, and did so by spending extra money to shut down open air parks that aren't patrolled.

    If you can't see what the problem with that is, then you are quite stupid, even for a liberal.

  18. I would point out to Unknown that, in the words of my grandmother, it takes two to make an argument. Both parties are to blame. How the blame gets shared out, who's right or at least less wrong, is not a black and white issue; it's a shades of gray issue. frankly, I'm ready to chuck the lot of politicians currently in D.C. and start over with real representatives (i.e. people who actually have worked for their living as something other than a lawyer or politician. A girl can dream, though i'm not holding my breath on any of them coming true.

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