16 thoughts on “Hoppy Eostre’s Festival …”

  1. Heh! Nice video. Can't believe they didn't call it "Watership Tango Down", though. It was an open goal, Japan — an open goal…

  2. Cool story. We need more rabbits like that on the WH lawn. Rolling hacks instead of eggs.
    Just read your story about the honey badger. This is one i will read aloud around the camp fire at the spring soaring contest next month.


  3. I thought I had your email address, but cannot find it. I think the following is of importance for you to know. It was sent to me by a California Sheriff's Deputy (LT.)
    All, I will be deleting my Google account and all associated with it. If you wish to email me directly, my old email is now listed for staff and friends (if you have my other contact, they are still good as well). This is not merely because of the google ammo/gun ad deletions, but because the email was on my not-so smart phone, it stored notes from my iPhone on the google account. These notes were work related and I didn't know that because I had the gmail account on my phone, it stores everything from the phone (Notes, dates, and such) and I happened to stumble upon it this morning when checking my google mail. I'm off to work, so will be deleting it later today.

  4. I think Himself did. I've seen where he is still alive (recent posts on Phlemmy's blog show his foot anyhow), but I think he's quit posting permanently, which is a pity. At least he's left the blog up so we can still find the Pink Gorilla Suit story. *sniff sniff*

  5. LawDog?

    Did you abandon with no word of farewell?

    Hope all well with you.


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