Brush off some cobwebs here …

Good Lord, has it really been since Easter?

Between Herself going for her BSN, and my Sheriff deciding to tweak the scope of my job a bit, my muse has buggered off to parts unknown, the hussy.

Unfortunately, the expanded duties have fallen right off into Sekret Skwirl territory — not necessarily unknown turf to me, but doing so at Small County Government level is a whole different kettle of fish compared to the Federal government level, I’m here to tell you — and seems to involve a great deal of desk work, interspersed with long runs of Being Diplomatic In Public.

Long-time Gentle Readers (the two who are left) will probably remember that deskwork and Dealing With People are not my preferred activities, introvert that I am.

For the last year or so, I find myself getting home after about nine hours of smiling at people instead of giving them the smack with a cudgel they’re desperately crying out for and shaking hands with individuals who would greatly benefit from a decent throat-punch; crawling into the recliner, and dozing off until the whole thing starts again in the morning.

That sort of thing tends to play Merry Hob with the old creativity.

Anyhoo, I find myself desperately missing writing, and thinking: “Man, if there were only some forum on which I could … Derp.”

I’ll not promise any stellar literary works — mental exhaustion and all — but we’ll see about firing this old thing up again.


Some music for the Hallowe'en Season ...
Hoppy Eostre's Festival ...

68 thoughts on “Brush off some cobwebs here …”

  1. Hey NEW content!!!!!!Happy days are here again…..maybe. Have you placed an APB for your muse? Just kidding enjoy the heck out of your writing sumdood has been absent too long.

  2. Long-term readers number 5 & 6 reporting in. Glad to see you're back.

    Her majesty has instructed me to tell you she is amused.

  3. Welcome back, Lawdog! Perhaps you could convince your muse to share more stories of your (amazing) youth in Africa? I'm sure relating more of the tortures of Brigade-Captain Sneezy will break the ice.

  4. Hooray! You're not dead! Was beginning to wonder…
    Hope your're Muse returns, and that work becomes more pleasant for you.

  5. I admit that I was down to checking once a week, but I never gave up hope.

    Anything you got, I'll read~


  6. Ah! Wondering when the creative juices would start flowing again. Absent your second career in standup, I must keep myself happy with the occasional post. Welcome back, sir. You have been missed.

    Which reminds me, missed you at NRAAM in Indy, too.

    All best,


  7. DAWG!

    If OldNFO can manage 2 freaking boos, you can probably come up with atleast a dozen on your childhood adventures, and early law ossifer tales.


  8. YAY! our Lawdog has taken Pen in Paw again
    reader 1435.5
    still waiting fior the Lawdog the Book (hint, hint)

  9. Make sure the battery is charged, verify a mud dauber didn't build a nest in the tail pipe, give it a shot of ether, and crank it up. After it starts running, balances out and the pleasant rumble insures it's going to make it around the block, carefully back down the driveway, and watch for kids on bicycles.

  10. welcome back LD. we missed you. I don't even want to think about playing those kind of silly bugger games at a small govt level. may your muse never abandon you again.

  11. Very happy to see you back, LawDog. I was starting to fear that your absence meant something more dire than a Runaway Muse.

  12. Very happy to have your insightful comments once again available for my viewing pleasure. You were missed.

  13. And there was much rejoicing in the land.
    You've been missed. Whatever bits and bytes you drop will be gobbled up πŸ˜‰

  14. Glad to see you back.

    If you find your muse, would you please see if she knows where my muse has wandered off to?

  15. Has hell frozen over ? Didn't know WHAT to think ……………..
    And, as far as you being an introvert – might I remind you of our first face-to-face meeting {consequent to the NRA convention, Houston, at The Ginger Man}? Old NFO graciously presented me to you – and you HUGGED me !! I'm STILL smiling about that !!
    You've been sorely missed – was about ready to send out EquuSearch looking for you …………..
    Semper Fi'

  16. Welcome back. I will gladly buy you the libation of your choice if it means the return of your long lost muse. Or at least a muse rentable by the hour.

  17. Glad to know you're only miserable and stressed out, and not dead, as was feared.


  18. Just when we thought all was lost himself returns! Welcome back sir! you were missed.

  19. So much for having only two readers left.

    40 responses as I'm writing this.

    Welcome back.

  20. We do not "need" more Dawg stories, per se, but the dry humor, sudden twists, and turns of phrase bring a spot of fun to otherwise dreary days.

    I think you need to get back in touch with your old friends on the Squirrel Report and call in. "Sapper Lizards" remains, despite the intervening time since its recording, one of my all-time favorite and most-listened to VCs, but while I still laugh my hairy backside off every time, new content from a favorite contributor is never amiss.

  21. Welcome back, LD! There are more than two of us still hanging around waiting, apparently.

    Since your last missive, I have retired from the business of keeping People Who Would Rather Be Somewhere Else, inside a Place They’d Rather Not Be.

    I now have honest work, slinging produce at the local grocery store.

  22. Got a BOLO out on that Muse, along with my rich uncle who's gonna die in the Poor House…….glad the Dawg's back.

  23. Ah, Lawdog. We've missed your unique brand of wit 'round these parts! Thank (insert favorite deity here) that you're back!

    As has been mentioned above, if I'm ever in Bugscuffle, the libations are on me!

    Cheers from Maryland's Eastern Shore!

  24. Welcome Back! Delighted to learn that you along absence was not caused by something dire.

  25. Which it was about to put your picture on a gods-damned milk carton..

    Glad to see you're still among the living, sir.

  26. Glad to see you are back!
    Got real tired of looking at that damned bunny every time I clicked your link!
    LTR #57

  27. You know most of us have been making sad-puppy faces at your window for the past six or seven months, don't you? Welcome back!

  28. Hurrah!! The teachings of the Lawdog continue! All Hail!! So happy my monitor will once more be in peril πŸ™‚

  29. Thank God. I was afraid you'd crossed over the River Styx or moved to California or something.

  30. Boy, am I glad to see you… I was about to start emailing folks to ask if you'd passed on!

  31. Your description is what my company calls "expanding my horizons." WELCOME BACK!!! looking forward to reading what you can write, when you can.

    Glad all is well.
    Morrow, Oh

  32. Nice to see you back at it.

    Funny tales and written in an entertaining way – whats not to like ?

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