Quote of the Day

Thing1 and Thing2 have just unloaded a spectacular quantity of wossnames from the back-end of the POV owned by Thing2.

Me: “I really didn’t think you’d be able to get all of those in there.”

Thing2: “Are you kidding? I can haul seven dead bodies AND the shovel, all at the same time!”

Me: *blink*

Thing1: *Nods happily*

Me: “What?”


Sometimes it’s best to just drop the conversation right there.


The Hickenlooper Blues
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.

15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. I've got a 65 Ford Galaxie that will hold 6 bodies and other stuff quite well. Of course I can't close the deck lid then.

  2. Remember, you can stuff 4 bodies in the trunk of a Lincoln! Lol

    Ulises from CA

  3. They would need a backhoe that many bodies would take too long to bury with a shovel.

  4. As mentioned in "Casino", you dig the holes ahead of time. Otherwise you'll be there all night.

  5. Mr. Dawg, I must respectfully disagree as that is the point when the conversation starts to really get interesting. And possibly makes you an accessory. Also, does that vehicle have a trailer hitch? For the backhoe, of course.

  6. It's SO good to see Lawdog back, and in such fine form. I'm very much looking forward to more tales about Thing1 and Thing2…

  7. +1 @ Rick T

    I have the annual job of getting all the leftovers from Thanksgiving in the typically already-full refrigerator. The first time my step-dad observed my creative packing job, he said, "You sure know how to fit 5 pounds of $*%# into a 2 pound bad, don't you?!"

    I think I could get two bodies in the "trunk" of my Mini without folding the seat down. 😉

  8. Depends on the shovel . . . a LinkBelt 98 will dig a large hole even faster than a backhoe.

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