The Hickenlooper Blues

I wonder if Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado is having a terminal case of Buyer’s Remorse?

It seems to me — if I recall correctly — that not too very long ago, then-Mayor John Hickenlooper (Denver, Bugnuts) was one of the Rising Stars in the Democratic party.

Apparently just after exchanging the Denver mayor’s throne chair for the one in the Governor’s mansion, Wee John started listening to those Bloombergian whispers in his ear … and things just kind of went headlong down the khazi shortly thereafter.

Sidenote: I’m thinking that in certain circles the word “Bloomberg” is just as poisonous to Democratic campaigns right now a that of “Obama”.

Ah, well.

While Hickenlooper may have given Colorado an odious set of gun control laws, and run a whole bunch of tax revenue out of State (Texas says, “Thanks for MagPul, Hicky!”), at least he is responsible for a catchy tune.


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7 thoughts on “The Hickenlooper Blues”

  1. As a Colorado voter, I felt sick looking at my choices. The GOP candidate has been on the fringes of most of Colorado banking scandals (Silverado S&L anyone). First time ever voting for a third party candidate, for me.

  2. I'd rather have an honest crook than a well-meaning socialist. If the current turnout numbers hold up, we should have a new Governor next year.

  3. You should see what Bloomie et al are trying to do to Washington state. Makes Colorado look gun-friendly.

  4. "I wonder if Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado is having a terminal case of Buyer's Remorse?"

    Don't you mean seller's remorse? Hickenlooper sold himself to Bloomberg like a Harry Hines hooker.

  5. Why all of the "diss" for Hickenlooper he is the new drug cartel boss for Colorado. He replaces the Sinaloa Cartel and Zetas and the rest of the third world trash. This greedy unlicensed street pharmacist is hauling in the big bucks from "taxes". The surrounding states are being supplied by Colorado and they are pissed at the "new" Soros approved distribution Center. With all of the new undocumented democrats whats not to like?

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