Meditations on monsters

“There’s nothing worse than a monster who thinks he’s right with God.”

~Malcom Reynolds, captain of the cargo ship Serenity

I have spent a great deal of my life fighting monsters. Not the fun monsters that Larry Correia writes about, but the tawdry, dreary reality of men engaged in the ten thousand ways of being inhumane to other men.

I have seen the monsters borne of greed; of madness; and those borne out of lust for power over others.

Of all the monsters I’ve had dealings with over the last five decades, the absolute worst are the fanatics — those monsters who think they’re right with God.

Fanatics are people who think that their actions are blessed and/or required by a Higher Power (ideology, religion, politics, you name it); and are scary for a lot of reasons, but the two primary are:

1) Not only are their consciences clean no matter the evil they do, but there’s usually a group of like-minded people (mob, Politburo, cult, congregation, cell, whathaveyou) providing moral support, validation, hero worship, and all of the other fun stuff that group dynamics handles; and

2) Mission Creep.  Defined as: “The expansion of a mission or task beyond its original goals, often after initial successes”, in this context mission creep refers to the nasty habit that fanatics have of always expanding their list of “Heretics, Heathens, Idolaters, And Other What Deserve Our Righteous Wrath”. Yes, they always expand this list — unless and until someone (metaphorically-speaking) holds their little heads under water until the bubbling stops.

In Africa and the Middle East, I witnessed first-hand the damage that fanatics can do; along with the snow-white consciences of those who committed  some of the worst atrocities ever seen by the gods in the name of ideology, or religion, or politics.

Here in the United States — other than a brief fanatic embuggerance during the 1930s and 1940s — we don’t have a lot of experience with the little bugsnipes.  Here when fanatics move up to their post-doctoral studies, the Rule of Law or society in general plays Whack-A-Mole with them, and then we trundle on our merry way.

In the last score of years or so, I’m starting to worry that this is no longer the case — and this concerns me, although probably not in the way that the average Gentle Reader imagines.

The company that my father worked for had a policy of hiring most of their employees from amongst the ranks of war veterans.  The CEO was of the opinion that someone who had not only already been overseas, but had been shot at overseas, could probably handle anything West Africa could throw at them. 

An educated tribesman from the northern part of the country — we’ll call him “Abdul” — got hisself bitten by the Religion Bug, came into our neck of the jungle, and set about bringing Allah to the fuzzy-wuzzies.  Started out ok — if a little enthusiastic — built up a group of worshippers sycophants, did Some Good.

However, things started getting all fire-and-brimstone, and next thing we know, some poor lad gets immolated for recreational friction with an unsanctioned partner after being singled out by Our Wee Fanatic.

Things get all hot and bothered for a bit, but it’s all yelling and chest-pounding, and things settle down.  Two weeks later, Abdul the Moderately Rabid goes a-wandering in the jungle at night and winds up as Kittie Kibble.

The local elders put a slam order on the leopard, call Da’, and I go out with him to do the deed.  We start at the body, track the man-eater down, Da’ hoses him with a full magazine of 12 bore (Da’ REALLY hated leopards), and that was the end of it.

Except, at the body, I realized that Abdul the Moderately Rabid had been done in with an extremely sharp knife run into his neck from the side and punched out the front.  All that the leopard did was clean up the carrion.

That’s what I’m worried about.

There are a whole bunch of 50-60 year-olds in the United States who fought the Cold War in dark alleys, midnight ports, and moonlit rooftops with knives, brass knuckles, and silenced pistols.

There are a whole bunch of 30-40 year-olds in the United States who fought vicious CQC battles in places like Mogadishu, Tora Bora, Fallujah, Najaf, and Mazar E Sharif.

There are 20-somethings from places like Compton, El Paso, Chicago, Detroit, Tiajuana, “the barrio”, “the ghetto”, and “the heights” who have stainless-steel teeth and thousand yard stares.

There are uncounted numbers of immigrants who have come here from war-torn hell-holes — and brought the skills and attitudes that enabled them to survive along.

This is what I’m worried about.

I’m worried that when Biff the Hygienically-Challenged and his Coterie of Fanatics decide that sucker-punching neo-nazis just isn’t enough and mission creep themselves into Proper Fanatical Stupidity, that some truly scary people are going to start whacking and stacking in response.

I don’t want to find myself standing over what’s left of a coyote attack and suddenly realizing that unless coyotes are carrying knives, some pipe-hitter has just declared war upon other Americans.

Y’all should be worried about this, too.


Well ... that's awkward
My shocked face, let me show you it

33 thoughts on “Meditations on monsters”

  1. Dead on the money, pardon the pun… Just one MORE reason to carry every day.

  2. It's less a question of if, than it is of when.

    Too many of yon Wee Fanatics mistakes silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance, and kindness for weakness.

    And will, in due course, find out the terminal error of those miscalculations, as they seem to be collectively and individually agitating for at the present.

    We don't have leopards hereabouts, but it's instructive that in most of this country, there's precious little that hogs, 'gators, coyotes, crabs, and worms won't consume, if it's left where they can find it.

    Some people know that intellectually, and others will discover it experientially.

    Your radar on this is well-calibrated.

  3. To be honest, I don't see a way to avoid it. Maybe push it down the road a bit 'til after I'm dead and gone, but that's it. I don't like it, and I don't want to see it, but I'm convinced it's on the way.

    Anyone see a way around or through it?

  4. I'm afraid that the gamer/ anti-fascist/ anarchist crowd may think killing is "easy". Get my squad together, get strapped, and let's regulate. Pulling the trigger is… it is all of the crap before and after that has medical professionals going down the rabbit hole. People will do some serious hateful things when family is threatened. So many cool wanna-bes think it's all fun and games until high velocity metal starts slapping meat. Lots of folks scream resistance. Lots of folks scream revolution. Few of them realize the price that has been paid for their freedom to be stupid. People point to the success of "freedom fighters" in Iraq and Afghanistan and think it's easy. Few of them have had to police up the battlefield after an Infantry platoon gets finished laying down some "hate". This is where people get to choose wisely, cause stupidity is very painful.

  5. These concerns go back to the beginning of man.
    It usually gets sorted out, if not by law and order, by war.
    The folks following the wrong path don't know us, and what we will and will not put up with.

  6. The Wee Fanatics and their consortium of snowflakes seem ignorant of human nature in that, a man that avoids confrontation, or refuses to take up the gauntlet, might be doing so not because he is afraid, but because he is afraid of what he is capable.

    However, every man has his limit, and a man of some skill that has reached his, can mete out enormous amounts of damage before help arrives. I suspect that, somewhere, this lesson is about to be taught.

  7. A man fighting for his country and for his family will do most anything required of him, while someone fighting for what others tell him is an ideal, or a cause, will not. I see dark days ahead, for the pretenders. The true patriots will stand. Dark days for them, as well, I guess.

  8. I have long maintained the biggest gang in the country is called OWGWG – Old White Guys With Guns.

    There's a line out there. Crossing it is likely to be a Big Deal.

  9. To my sorrow I agree with what you say and with all the posters who responded. Only time will provide an answer to your concerns, but preparedness in anticipation of difficult times is always wise.

  10. Mr. John Brown, please report to Harpers Ferry.

    Either side only needs one crazy martyr to light the match that will lead to large fire.


  11. Lawdog, you always hit straight to the heart. Thanks, i plan to link you on my tiny face page.


  12. The thing that really worries me is the number of Hobby Protesters out there that take themselves frightfully seriously. There has always been a minority of White Middle Class nitwits who thought Revolution would be Cool. They set fire to the Kent State ROTC Building in spring of 1970 (and interfered with firefighters on the scene) and were terribly shocked when the Authorities decided that that particular 'Protest' needed to be shut down, HARD, before the little idiots managed to flash fry he town. A bunch of them in the Weather Underground laminated themselves all over the basement of the Greenwich Village townhouse they were playing in, also in 1970.

    But the current bunch don't even seem to understand that some segment of society might consider them a passel of violent slobs. They actually seem to be surprised to get arrested at a 'Protest' that has featured blocked traffic, shattered windows, or torched cars. How isolated ARE these imbeciles? Furthermore, since they are all hot under the collar about how easy it is to purchase guns in this country, why haven't they taken that thought to the next step? Hasn't it occurred to them that if you declare war on a heavily armed population, and you have few guns of your own, the results might be a tad unpleasant?

  13. I am quite a bit less concerned about whatever local reining-in activities may occur, largely because they're limited in scope and The Locals usually have extremely good intel concerning who should be the beneficiary of their attention.

    My concern lies in a local event becoming substantially more widespread because someone, or, more likely, groups of someones, entertains the idea that Their Cause deserves mandatory acceptance by the masses. The great hazard is that once retribution for such activities becomes the order of the day it will not end until the retributors decide they're done. Of such is civil wars made, and in this day and age it is not unreasonable to ensure The Other Side is not in a position to cause further problems. See, "pogrom," definition of.

    The really bothersome part of this is it will be entirely a societally self-inflicted wound from the Left, caused by its insistence on tribalizing everyone, and choosing which tribes it favors or disfavors. There is no shortage of individuals who will endlessly pursue satisfaction against those who affront their family, and tribes are composed of families. It seems that knowledge is in very short supply in some quarters.

    Be warned. Despite assistance from All the King's Men and All the King's Horses, this is toothpaste one will not be able to put back in the tube for generations, perhaps ever.

  14. "They actually seem to be surprised to get arrested at a 'Protest' that has featured blocked traffic, shattered windows, or torched cars."

    That's because they believe their cause is just, thus their actions are justified, and to be commended rather than punished.

  15. I have seen this in my little commie enclave amidst saner-minded counties. There are a lot of single old white guys who have been getting that "Fark It" look building in their body posture. These ass-maggots that are causing all the problems just don't understand what one lone old guy with literally nothing to lose finally lets it all hang out.

    Though, I have been emboldened since seeing a flight of people going to Seattle chant for the USA while some leftist-turdbag gets ejected, or people in Oregon cheer as a shield wall of cops smashes into a bunch of dirty protest-people, or drivers not being charged for running through a wall of protest apes.

    Civility and good manners is enforced by a swift punch to the mouth or a boot to the kiester. Worse behavior requires firmer application.

    As to the protestors that Wheels is talking about above, how many of those arrested are having their legal bills paid for by shadow-Soros linked groups (not to be conspiratorial, but I just went conspiratorial.) Reports from before the protests stated that many of these ass-bags were given protest training and promises that the government would take no action. It would be interesting to see if the 'trainers' are backing up their promises with their money.

  16. First, it won't be "declaring war on other Americans" it will be responding to the war they started…

    Regarding traffic obstructions, my motto is "Remember Reginald Denny".

    If obstructed I will hit the horn and keep moving, slowly if the protesters are polite, but at a gallop if they are armed (stones, bottles, etc.) or are violent.

  17. Anonymous at 2:57pm

    Lots of people have suddenly gotten the feeling that the street people have become a real problem. Sure, there are those that are 'legitimately' there for protests, but too many of the cretins are using the roads as a mobile bathroom/open air theft market.

    The new motto amongst drivers seems to be, "Damned the protesters, full speed ahead!"

  18. Yep. Been worried about it since, oh, the LA riots I think. That was the first one to blip on my personal radar. Even though I live in the Deep South, I travel to the third largest city in the state every now and again. And it ain't got better there, no sir.

    Back here in Mud Puddle, the news is on every morning next to the coffee machine. Every time there's another nutcase on the radio what thinks he'll find immortality in this world by causing mayhem and murder, a man might wince and shake his shaggy head, or grumble into his coffee. But that's over there, out where the heathen lives- in big cities.

    Out there, it's hard to miss. I don't like what they're edging towards. I don't much like what we'll become, needs must, to put a stop to it good and hard. Seems common sense has up and evaporated in the heat of the moment, and ain't like to come back before it's too late. Best we all take special care as we can these days. 'Specially those stuck in those larger cities where all this mess is like to brew up next.

  19. Well, you have "children" who have been indoctrinated by liberal teachers from childhood now on up through college with ideas of entitlement, social justice trumps hard work and effort and "from each according….". Your snowflakes want their participation trophy.

    Then you have those being paid by Soros who so enjoyed turning his Jewish neighbors into the nazis.

    Then you have your all grown up 60s hippies that are true alinsky believers. Some of these may be snowflake parents.

    Then there's Black Lives Matter. But it seems the only ones that matter are the thugs. The soldiers and the police that are black and the best of society that die or are killed with nary a mention. For the past 8 years there has been a government that celebrated thugs, and signaled clearly that blacks would be give preferential treatment. Racially our country is more divided than ever, I believe. When at the Demoncratic National convention they have the mother's of criminals that have been killed by police doing their job up on stage and celebrated and revered it sends a pretty clear message. And now the get out of jail free card wasn't elected. Interestingly, to me anyway, I believe there is a strong link between the "Free Falestine" movement and BLM. There's no P in arabic. It didn't become "Palestine" until the Emperor Hadrain named it such, after the Philistines, ancient enemy of the Israelis.

    Then there's the media. How many times have they been caught out lying or misrepresenting facts to whip up outrage? They foment division and turmoil at every chance. Most of the left don't even question cnn or msnbc. So, they are in the right.

    Then there are the deluded feminists. The ones that tell women they aren't smart enough to use a gun to defend themselves, call Mr. Strong Policeman. But they're for women's rights. So let's bring in a bunch of unvetted people that believe in honor killings, throwing people of buildings and raping a un-veiled woman as their right. It's how they were raised. What could go wrong?

    A lot of forces in play from a lot of directions. A very imperfect storm is brewing.

  20. I believe it has already begun, its just not being broadcast as such. Yet.

  21. I don't think these special snowflakes have a clue about what they are biting off.

  22. "…the absolute worst are the fanatics — those monsters who think they're right with God."

    Actually, I think it's the ones who believe they are doing what God would do if only He understood the situation. (Or actually existed. A lot of those people are big "A" Atheists.)

  23. Can't add much to the above, but how do you feel about starting a pool as to the kickoff date? 🙂


  24. Lawdog, This…This statement of reason….Is why I read you.

  25. You're just going to get all butthurt at my pointing out that from your own description of your activities, this applies to you too. In my opinion. I'm not putting you down, just looking at how what you have written describes you, who seems to be oblivious to the irony of deciding that your badge bully ways mean you get to beat the shit out of law breakers.
    Example………….." I wound up on top of a critter at the bottom of a pile of officers, and I am Doing Things That Hurt to the critter. After he's handcuffed, we "assist him in getting to his feet", a beautiful bruise blossoming at his jaw hinge where I have attempted to scratch the inside of his brain housing group with my thumb.
    Fanatics are people who think that their actions are blessed and/or required by a Higher Power (ideology, religion, politics, you name it); and are scary for a lot of reasons, but the two primary are:
    1) Not only are their consciences clean no matter the evil they do, but there's usually a group of like-minded people (those on top of you in the pile)
    2) The expansion of a mission or task beyond its original goals, the nasty habit fanatics have. Yes, unless and until someone (metaphorically-speaking) holds their little heads under water until the bubbling stops.
    You are implicating yourself as one that is unaware you've let your basic goal be expanded to allow any assault to accomplish an arrest, and then you're unaware that if you were to be able to have a sudden clear moment of thought unbiased by the life you currently lead, you'd hold your own head under water until dead.
    What makes me think I've got any reason to critique your actions or writings? Well, I'm not criticizing your writings, and that's because your sense of humor is wry and self deprecating. But your actions? I wore a badge too, and carried a 9. Then I slowly became aware of the badge bullies I was surrounded by, who will never see the hypocrisy of their actions and violations of their oath of office. We are judged by the company we keep and I was fed up with assholes who were breaking laws and violating the professional code of conduct, policies and procedures, and people’s rights.
    It's not like I think that shining a light on what I see as your hypocrisy, and actions unbecoming, will open your mind to see it my way, but the moment when we stop speaking up, to help someone see something we believe we can see that they might benefit from knowing about, is when we give up on each other. Brother, I haven't given up on you.
    Do the work, but be true to the cause of justice, with integrity. Your job is to arrest, and that only means stop. It's clearly not in your job description to punish, that's for the supposedly unbiased judge or jury to handle. If a dirty look will do the trick, then stop when it's done the job. If hurting the "suspect" (recall, innocent until proven guilty by a judge or jury of peers, not found guilty by a badge wearing bully) will stop them so you can being them in to get charged, then stop with hurting them.
    It's your job to use the escalation of force and the rules of engagement all at the same time. If you can't de-escalate the situation first, use the minimum amount of force necessary to apprehend the suspect.
    Do not hurt where holding is enough; Do not wound where hurting is enough; Do not maim where wounding is enough; and do not kill not where maiming is enough
    Be safe out there, and when you realize you're just as bad as the criminals, and you're happy no one is judging you, it's time to find a different line of work.

  26. Nah. I don't mind being judged, so long as the judge realizes that the reason I was performing a Mandibular Angle on that particular inmate at the bottom of that particular pig-pile was to convince him to drop the shank. That he had used to put a four-inch laceration in his bunkie's forehead. Because the nonexistent camera on the tripod in the corner told him to.

    Your opinion as to my monster-ness is duly noted, though.


  27. The first case of "missing monster" I was aware of happened back in the 1970s when a child molester vanished after being caught in the act by a bunch of loggers . . . he was never found.

    It does seem that it wasn't the loggers, either.

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