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  1. My comment under the video:

    I think letting willing teachers arm themselves in schools is, as they say, a good first step. But that's all it is: a first step.
    The goal is to remake schools, ground up, inside and out, to fulfill the mission of giving children the ideas, skills, and habits they need as full fledged citizens of a free nation. And the culmination of that training is to offer a year long militia course, as outlined in Article I, section 8, clause 16: delegating to Congress the power "To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia", and prescribing a discipline by which the States shall have the authority to train the Militia. So I'm seeing a Federal syllabus and text to be used by State or local school boards in teaching the Militia course. And, hey, note that "arming" phrase. Upon successful completion of the course, and the decision by the student to join the militia, with all its duties, obligations, and privileges, the graduation ceremony includes the issuance of a federally funded duty rifle (for instance, a semi-auto version of the current military duty rifle), and, say 1200 rounds of ammo–some of which is expected to be expended in practice, and which will be replenished at annual training musters.

    The fact that many teachers recoil in horror at the idea of their students being armed, even at home, and are aghast at the idea that they themselves should be armed, in my opinion renders them unfit for their jobs. The fact that their students DO NOT graduate from high school remotely suited for militia service, or even simple concealed licenses, indicates the disgusting failure of the school systems.

    And, oh yes: eliminate, utterly, the Federal department of education, burn it to the ground, and salt the earth where it stood. Anyone who has worked for Dept. of Ed. becomes a pariah, and is unable to ever again work with students under the age of nineteen. I'm deadly serious.

  2. [Dang it, Dog, screwed up the identity on my last post. Sorry about that.]

    One other thing that ought to be taught in the militia class (besides basic search and rescue, first aid, orienteering, radio communications, etc.) would be a section, taught by the county sheriff city police chief, jointly, of what to expect and how to behave in a routing police contact–typically a traffic stop. This must not be summarized as automatic obedience. Within a generation, nearly every citizen an officer meets will be armed, and will have some review of the Bill of Rights under their belts. So the training assumes courtesy and respect on both sides, and must include, "If the officer pulls this particular brand of shit, shoot him. Otherwise, take it to the judge."

  3. Finally, my image of safe schools is not a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign on the front door.

    That's the very first thing the Left must give up if they're willing to compromise.

    No, a safe school is indicated by a portable sign out front celebrating the victory of the local high school's militia class in the state IDPA or rifle championship.

    Let the voice of liberty ring out across the land, joyfully shouting, "NOT SAFE, BUT STRONG."

  4. Hey LawDog;

    Word…as they say and I am so gonna use this next time I have to deal with a screeching harpy telling me that I have to turn in my guns…the ones that survived the awful canoe accident…you know how unstable those things can get.

  5. The gentleman hit the nail square on the head and drove it home. Well-said, sir, and thanks for linking it, 'Dawg. Be well, my best to your lovely lady. — lwj

  6. I shake my head every time I hear the mention of Gun Free Zones. We all know that only the law abiding citizens are adhering to this request (most of them anyway). When I drive through a "work zone" on the interstate, there are signs posted that have Double Fine or Minimum Fines called out so we are aware that the consequences are more severe if we are caught speeding. I guess the DOT has figured out that a speed limit sign just isn't effective. When will we wise up and pass/enforce more stringent laws on gun violence? A public execution of someone who shoots up a church or school will correct the behaviors of others who are thinking they have a soft target.

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