About time.

For years, the Left has been condescendingly saying, “No-one wants to take your guns.”

The “You paranoid, cousin-humping redneck” was (usually) unsaid.

This, despite the fact that there are well-documented instances of Leftist politicians saying that exact thing — Dianne Feinstein anyone? 

However most of the instances were before the rise of the Internet, and thusly do not exist as far as modern society is concerned.

Thankfully, Robert Francis O’Rourke went ahead and admitted on National TeeVee as to what we’ve always known about the Left in America — yes they do, as a matter of fact, want to take our guns.

The thing you need to take away from this video clip is not that a Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land is confessing that the Democrats really do want to confiscate your guns.

That will be spun by the Main Stream Media and the slick Democratic Party PR machine (but I repeat myself) as the desperate flailings of a fringe, no-chance candidate.

No, the take-away you need to notice is the cheering, whistling applause of the Democratic crowd.

When Nancy Pelosi gets on CNN and tries soothing the American public with talk about how Robert Francis O’Rourke is desperate for relevance in the race, and he was just trying radical statements that aren’t really supported by the rest of the Democrats …

… listen to the cheering of that Democratic crowd in the audience when Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke declares his intent to take our guns away.

Listen to the soul of the Democratic voter expressed in enthusiastic applause.

It’s not just Robert Francis O’Rourke. It’s the rotten core of the Leftist party.

Remember that this election season.

Remember the applause.


Mark Twain once said:

37 thoughts on “About time.”

  1. They want to, but the question they never answer is who will do this? Law enforcement may in large cities, but in the rural areas, asking for guns is like asking for the virginity of a daughter.

  2. Hey Lawdog,

    Beto just said what they whispered amongst themselves in dark rooms amongst their own. The cat is out if the bag.

  3. Our blood enemies will never give up. We cannot either. And we must remind our friends, and all who we know that every "common sense" gun bill comes with a box-car attached….they are anti-semites,as often as not, as well….

  4. Somebody needs to point out to Beto (and his ilk) that the Second Amendment was written and voted for expressly to make sure that the common citizen has easy, legal access to military grade firearms. We know this because the debates on the Constitution and Bill of Rights are extensively documented.

    That being the case, the only way Beto's impulse can be brought into line with the intent of the Second Amendment is if he proposes to exchange a fully operational M-16 for every semi-automatic AR-15 he confiscates.

    Let them either propose and then campaign for a Constitutional Amendment altering the Second, or answer loud and high what OTHER parts of the Constitution And Bill of Rights they propose to ignore.

    1. People have been trying to point that out to the Leftists for years and years, but they never listen.

  5. He's just self-identified himself as the Leroy Jenkins of the END 2020 Raising Party. We would be so fortunate for the raiders to meet the same end November of next year.

  6. Wild elephants couldn't make me forget. Gun owner's rights are, of course, everyone's, but they are a very good way for a woman to make sure her rights get remembered by everybody. Failing that, they are an outstanding way of ensuring that those who forget/ignore those right don't re-offend.

  7. The mask slips. Nothing new there.

    You know what? They're going to throw down either way come Nov 2020. The only other trigger point I see before Trump gets reelected will be when Ginsburg croaks her last.

  8. I saw it pointed out elsewhere that the US government, as an entity, could not meet it's own standards for a criminal background check.

  9. Let us recall the words of Captain John Parker at Lexington: "Dont fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."

  10. It is not just that the crowd cheered Irish Bob's statement wildly, but that not a single one of the other candidates on that stage objected or qualified his statement. That means that they ALL think the same way. At least Irish Bob had the courage to say it, knowing that he was being recorded – I'll give him at least that tiny bit of credit.

    As for me, that ain't happening. I had family on both sides murdered in the old country within the last 100 years because the governments in their respective areas were outright tyrannies. But they also had no power with which to say, "No!" Their murders, and all that they went through before that, were for free. Suffice it to say, there is simply no way that if similar historicaal forces were to go after my family and I, that it would be free. No, I intend to exact a price.

  11. @Lawdog: Question: what is your opinion, based upon your observations and experience, about the proposition that most police officers (rural, suburban and urban – and feel free to comment separately about each) would ultimately comply with orders from above to go door-to-door to confiscate firearms from civilians that had done nothing wrong except to own those firearms?

    I'm just looking for another data point. Several officers that I know have said that they won't, as they'd like to come home and be with their families, rather than be put into a box. However, that's one thing to say, and it is quite another when your paycheck, medical bills, pension, etc. is on the line.

  12. Hmm… my previous comment was supposed to be a reply to CSP Schofield above. Weird flicking between interface pages here.

  13. Well…at least one of them is being truthful…that's something, I guess.

  14. They might generously let you keep a gun- maybe a break action single shot shotgun.
    If you do the mountains of paperwork, and attend the 6 days of inconveniently scheduled safety training, and keep it unloaded in the approved safe (with trigger locked), and keep any ammo separate (subject to state inspection), and pay a fortune in annual licensing fees, and only shoot it on approved ranges (you'll need a separate permit to actually take your gun there), and only have approved ammo (lead free birdshot only) in the approved amounts (20 rounds max)- and you'll need a special permit to purchase that…

    There- that counts as owning a gun, right!

  15. Ignore what the Leftards say, look at what they do. They do not care how many children are killed, how many thugs and criminals run amok, they care about how many normals are denied guns. They cannot hope to control millions o armed normals. They fear an armed populace.

  16. I find it ironic that someone with the surname O'Rourke wants a dis-armed populace. That said, according to his statement, everything from a Tower musket (aka 'Brown Bess') to a GAU-8 is up for seizure.

    About the child he mentioned: As a retired medical type, the only thing that would have saved her would be an on-site MASH. Maybe. Possibly chopper med-evac to somewhere like Brooke Army Medical or Beaumont Army Medical, but it'd have to be damn fast chopper, with a cutter working en-route.

  17. Everyone is celebrating the fact that he dropped out of the race. Dont bother, he had already accomplished his mission. His job was not to actually run for president. His job was to open up a dialogue for tyranical gun control. His job was to test public support for an idea that has historically been political death for democrats. His job was to allow other nominees to support it without having to deal with the consequences of having suggested it themselves. And now as he walks away, he takes all those consequences with him. Now the more "reasonable" democrats can push for gun control measures that are still unconstitutional, but compared to betas plan seem downright magnanimous.

  18. Remember that with all their gun control laws they ALWAYS EXEMPT THEMSELVES and their friends. Their current House AWB EXEMPTS ALL Government agents down to campus police including all retirees. AND, AND, they EXEMPT private armed security companies so that their wealthy elite friends are EXEMPTED! Thus they ALWAYS TAKE FROM US WHAT THRY HAVE AND KEEP FOR THEMSELVES!! But they SAY, "the rule of law" and "no one is above the law"!! Yeah, sure! They do what criminals do!!! –Ron W

  19. Well, as Bones would tell Capt. Kirk, "He's dead, Jim." Couldn't happen to a more deserving ass-hat… Now to deal the rest of them….

  20. LMB – Oops. My comment would have made a little more sense with “much” instead of “my.”

    LD is a gifted writer, and I bought his books and consumed his blog. Over the summer I had stopped stopping by, assuming his life had gotten a little too busy to post. Then Peter (and some others?) mentioned LD would be getting back to the blog, and I hoped that was the case. When that didn’t come to pass, I wondered if a short comment might generate a response – would have been nice if my proofreading skills had been up to the task 🙂

    Thanks for all you have written, LawDog. Here’s hoping you publish additional books. I’m sure lots of us would buy them.

  21. Mr. Dawg, please poke your Muse, and come out to play? Purty please? 😁

  22. Completely off topic;

    I just read my Lady the '4th of July' story from your Africa book, and came up with the following that I hope will amuse you;

    "And the Baboons' red glare,
    Macaques bursting in air,
    all filled up the night,
    with the smell of burnt hair."

  23. As per Puta O'Rourk coming back out to play, now that Biden is using Munchkin-Mike's bank-roll to back-stab Comrade Sanders… "El Paso man,recovering from bad Acid trip, hallucinated he ran for President." Funny how ex-pats like you and Peter have more sense than a native-born texan…

  24. Just commenting here because I can't comment on the later posts and the after surgery drugs make it too difficult for me to find any other method of reaching out to you.

    I was in Stanford Hospital last weekend (6/5 – 6/8/2020) for a double knee replacement (but that is a whole other story) and after I came out of the fog enough I spent some time online (I hate TV) reading my usual blogs and news sites and discovered that YOUR site is blocked on the Stanford Network. Don't KNOW why but I thought you might find that interesting.


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