13 thoughts on “Congratulations”

  1. Technically he isn't yet. Pence still has to tally the vote and who knows? Maybe something will happen and a whole new bunch of ballots will be found.

    After all, what's sauce for the goose…

  2. It ain't over till the Senate accepts it. And even then . . .

    H. Bowman

  3. This from Feral Irishman is where I think it could very well go – and provides a hella civics lesson to boot


    There is also on Dec 18th a report about the election from director of intelligence if I remember correct that is required 45 days after election – if they state there was fraud and foreign interference it could give the substance Trump needs to trigger the executive order he signed in 2018 on elections. He may want to try all available legal and constitutional channels first before triggering an EO

  4. Yup. The Chief Thief and Lady Larceny are going to run things their way. We will become a province of China.

  5. Given how fast being President appears to age people, and that he already looks like he’s been badly embalmed, I give him a week.

  6. Congrats to Chomo Joe and the Cali Ho.

    And they expect this to just quietly go away…

  7. One could use the phrase “Not – my – President – Elect” if one were so inclined…..

  8. it never was about Chromo Joe, it was always about the Cali Ho, so they could boast that the United States finally has a President with a vagina.

  9. I've been stealing your graceful assurance of support to the incoming team and spreading it about. Thanks for stating it so cogently.

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