Now hear this

Due entirely to Jack Wylder — and y’all — we have crowdfunded a move from Blogger to a safe hosting site.

Jack is going to be negotiating the nightmare of spaghetti code that is Blogger, and will be moving the entirety of this blog … sometime along in here.

When it gets moved, we’ll leave a re-direct here, and I’ll make a wide announcement on my social media and on the North Texas Troublemakers site. Probably make a couple of announcements on the Livestream, too.


Meditations on Independence

4 thoughts on “Now hear this”

  1. Sometimes, when the neighborhood goes to Hell, one must set up camp elsewhere. I hope that this is a wise move for you. Good Luck!

    Ulises from the People’s Republik of Kalipornia

  2. Break out the casks of Red Bull, hoist the glow sails and set the squirrels forth on the waves of


  3. That is a smart move on your part. I still remember when Blogger said I violated the terms of agreement and shut my blog down. I couldn't even port it out. They accused me of using Blogger to sell restricted items such as pharmaceuticals and (gasp) guns which I wasn't. They relented a few days later with an "Ooops, you were right. So sorry." In the meantime, I had spent a good deal of money to buy a domain, etc.

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