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So, later this month Raconteur Press will be re-releasing the original LawDog Files. 

Not only will the cover be new, but we’re pulling out the shift reports that no-one liked and replacing them with some of the philosophical mutterings I have done over the years. Also, I think a couple of stories that I somehow missed putting in the original edition will be in this one.

If there’s enough attention for this release, we’ll consider re-releasing African Adventures.

I hope y’all enjoy it.


Saints of Malta
Batten down the hatches

20 thoughts on “Cover sneak peek”

  1. I’ve lent my old copies to friends! Can’t wait to get this one again and would love a re-release of African Adventures!

  2. I know there is no post up for this yet, but a hearty congratulations on yesterday’s verdict! I hope you got a wonderful night’s sleep now that this burden and associated worries are no longer weighing down upon you.

  3. Lawdog – I’m delighted you won your legal fight!

    Prayers answered.

    Please strike back against malicious prosecution.

    Its the right thing to do, and it should prove to be profitable.

  4. Many congratulations on the verdict.

    I would happily donate to a litigation fund if you had the inclination to push back.

  5. Hi LawDog, I’ve been watching for the re-release, but it doesn’t seem to be up yet. When will it be available? And is this release print-only, or print and e-book both?

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