We have met a whole lot of new people at Libertycon and Imaginarium, and since my mental squirrels were in full panic mode, I probably need to put up a FAQ.

Yes, this is Raconteur Press. We are publishing anthologies right now, and if you have a story that you think might fit one of our many, many open calls, send it here:

If you need to email our Editor-In-Chief:

Our In-House Graphic Expert and Designer:

And She Who Makes Sure We Wear Pants:

If you’d like to see what Your Humble Scribe looks like — and get a really good visual explanation of the phrase:

“My head is full of squirrels. They’re hyper-caffeinated and at a rave. As long as they’re all dancing to the same song, everything is ok, but sooner or later one of the sods loses his glow-stick and everything goes to hell”

— log-on to OldNFO’s YubTub channel at noon Central time on Tuesdays, and 1500 Central time on Thursdays. We’re live, we have no idea what we’re doing, and there may be rants.

We also have a General YubTub channel where the Three Moms of the Apocalypse do videos, and we’re uploading helpful videos for new authors.

On Facebook we have the Raconteur Press page, and the North Texas Troublemakers page. The NTTM page is a place of laughter and goofiness; as well as advice, announcements, and kudos. If you’re looking for stuffy professionalism, the Raconteur Press page is probably more your line.

We currently do have plans to publish novels, but that has been pushed out a year or so, due to the excitement over our anthos. If you have a novel you really want someone to look at, Hillbilly at Three Ravens Publishing is a friend of ours, and an all-around Good Dude. He’ll do right by you. 

We also met the guys at Jumpmaster Press while we were at Imaginarium, and I’m favourably impressed. 

If you’re looking to meet us in the paint, our last convention of 2023 will be P-CON, we may be frazzled, but we’ll be friendly. I promise.

We haven’t mapped out our con schedule for 2024 yet — outside of Libertycon — but when we do, we’ll post the schedule here.

I think that should cover most of the bases.


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