… Oh, wow.

So, I was banging around Amazon just now, when I found this:

Being ever-so-slightly curious, I decided to see how many Raconteur Press books were in the “Top 100 Paid” “Best Sellers in Science Fiction Anthologies”, that being a very competitive area.

Would you believe we currently hold 8% of the Top 100?

Not bad for a nothing little press out in the middle of fly-over country, hey?

*suppressed inner squee*


Pinup Noir 2
Moggies! Back in space!

4 thoughts on “… Oh, wow.”

  1. Ian in his secret office, rubbing his hands and grinning maniacally ” So! Our plan is coming together! “

  2. Okay, I’ve finished Moggies I&II. When does Moggies III come out? Inquiring minds and all . . .

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