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Herself has written a review of a Dragon Leatherworks Flatjack holster, and I thought I’d add my tuppence worth.

The first thing I noticed when we opened the package was that compared to my other leather holsters, this one felt more substantial for about the same weight.

While it is a very pretty holster, it is a very solid one also — a detail which is fairly important to me — with the leather at the belt slots being more rigid than an equivalent holster from Galco. When mounted on a belt, this Dragon Leatherworks holster does not move around — at all. Where you place it when you put it on, is where you’re going to find it when you take it off.

To be perfectly honest this may be more due to the fact that my Galco has seen several years of use, while the Dragon Leatherworks is still new. Time will tell.

The rigidity of the leather also ensures that one-handed, no-eyes re-holstering is a breeze. This is a detail that I regard as mandatory for a holster, but other people may not. YMMV.

One of the first places I check on a new holster is the top inner edge — the bit that is most liable to come into long-term contact with my tender pink hide. On a lot of El Cheapo holsters this edge can be rough, or even sharp, causing unnecessary wear on shirts or even scratches or abrasions on said afore-mentioned tender pink hide.

That edge on this holster is nice, smooth roll.

The Gun That Killed Santa Claus
is a stainless-steel Ruger SP101 .357 magnum with the 3-1/16″ barrel. The current Ruger web-page lists the weight as being a full-on 27 ounces. It is one solid tank of a snubbie.

Herself’s normal carry pistol is a S&W 642 Airweight .38Special in a Galco holster.

It is telling as to the worth and quality of Dennis Badurina‘s work that Herself found that carrying the Ruger (at almost twice the weight and double the barrel length of the S&W) was much more comfortable for her than carrying the S&W 642 in her usual Galco holster.

And that last paragraph right there says it all.

We here at The LawDog Files give Dragon Leatherworks the LawDog Paw of Approval.


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  1. Your experience mirrors mine, LD.

    I've got a Talon for a 1911 that I carry my 30-something ounce Officer's model in all day long like it wasn't even there – it works that well.

    The Flatjack carries my Model 13 equally well.

    The only downside to these holsters IMHO is that they're too beautiful to conceal… 🙂

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