Let me stop you right there, Scooter …

Over the years I have picked up some … fans?

These are folks what don’t like me for various reasons — because I’m a cop, or I’m conservative, or a gun-owner, or former military, or whatever — but who don’t have the common courtesy to sod off to someplace else that they’ll be more appreciated.

Most of these folks catch the ban-hammer and expire quietly in my spam-box and an IP block with no fanfare, but a couple of them have slipped through the cracks.

Mostly because I don’t hear from them until some deviant no-account little pismire decides to cash in his voucher for 15 minutes of fame, said voucher being backed and guaranteed by the US Mainstream Media.

Sure enough, some pathetic little scrote-scraping decided to be famous in El Paso, and sure as the gods made little green apples the Media oiled up their stiletto-heeled leather blood-dancing boots and squeezed into their Christian Dior hair-shirt corsets and Made Him Famous. Just like the contract promises.

And — again, gods and little green apples — my inbox comes up with emails starting with: “It’s time for …” or “Common sense …” or “You have to agree …”

Let me stop y’all right there.

The answer is “No.”

No, I’m not going to give up my guns.

I don’t care. I’m not giving up my guns.

I didn’t murder anyone. My guns didn’t murder anyone. My friends haven’t murdered anyone. My friends guns haven’t murdered anyone.

80 million American gun owners didn’t murder anyone.

I am not going to be punished for some pustulent little bridge-troll deciding to vomit his evil into a Wal-Mart in El Paso.

And, yes, taking my guns away is punishing me. I will not be punished for the evil of someone else; evil that I had NOTHING TO DO WITH.

This is not up for debate. We’ve tried debate at the national level and the only thing debate got us was incremental chunks of our gun rights taken away by you faithless dacoits.

I am no longer going to engage in a debate in which I lose every time. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

So, let me stop you right there, Scooter. The answer is “No.”



Sauce for the goose ...
Ah, Texas summer ...

50 thoughts on “Let me stop you right there, Scooter …”

  1. The one thing all of the shooters have in common that they are criminals. Any other comparison is some weak attempt to drum up identity politics. Label the little shit how ever you want, but in the end… he is a criminal that broke the law. Have fun in a Texas state jail with your incarcerated Hispanic playmates.

  2. God Bless Ya real good, LawDog. And my oh my, you do have a way with words, more like a gift, and we thank you for sharing that gift!

  3. Yep, and a copycat in 9 hours… AND a 'spontaneous' protest in DC by 'moms' with pre printed signs. Not going to give mine up either. Cold dead hands…

  4. If they want them, they can have them. But they're going to get the ammo first, one round at a time until it's gone. And when they take them, be careful, because the barrels will be hot

  5. It is precisely because pissants roam freely among us that I will keep my self protection, f^&k you very much, gun grabbers.

  6. I completely agree with you. If a complete gun ban could stop these nutcases, I might. But, various incidents in the USA and throughout the world shows that it won't From an improvised truck bomb in Oklahoma City to an improvised sarin attack in a Tokyo subway to people driving trucks through crowds in Europe, it has been shown worldwide that nutcases will find a way to commit mass murder.

  7. Amen… And I will think about giving up my guns only after Scooter slices his weenie and dingleberries off so he can show his support for Rape victims.

    Proof is in the blood pudding

  8. Thankfully we have only to look to the Brits for the classic case of the ultimate result of their "common sense" gun control. Great Britain bans all handguns, all semi auto rifles and shotguns, any other rapid fire firearms as well. And last numbers I saw had a violent crime rate four or five times greater than here in the US. And of course have now doubled down by starting to ban kitchen knives and common household chemicals.

    1. Not to mention that Brits are now going to jail for social media posts.
      And kids can't by flatware.

  9. "Bad guys, go away!"

    Well, I'm not a bad guy. I don't have to go nowhere.

    (Except that I personally will be getting my concealed carry as soon as I possibly can–sometime later this month.)

  10. It's all about ratings. Blood dancing is a national pastime.
    Funny how there is no dancing in Chicago.
    I feel kinda sorry for a stack at my door trying to take my guns.
    It won't be easy.

  11. And to think that I was OC with my 1911 at a Walmart here in The Shire today. Most either didn't notice or had no problem with it. Either way, nobody said a thing. I normally CC a .380 that nobody has any clue about. I had only been showing off my rig to a friend at the flea market this morning and grabbed some groceries on the way home.

    I, too, have no intention of surrendering to evil or softening the target for anyone. What I want to know is who they are softening the target for…

  12. Hey Lawdog;

    Agreed, excellent Post. I still have your "Cake" meme that got made a while back and I trot it out then some yahoo mentions "Compromise" and "Lets be reasonable" comments….When lawful gun owners compromise…somehow we are the only ones that are lessened.

  13. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that if we revived public hangings, and the oiks who currently think about playing fish-in-a-barrel to become famous knew their last moments – specifically including losing sphincter control – were going to be broadcast on national television. KNEW that people were going to be LAUGHING at them. That then copycat murder sprees would be a lot ,more goddamned RARE!?!

    As for the 'you must agree' crowd; my personal spin on them is to say, "If you're prepared to propose a Constitutional Amendment making gun control laws legally possible, and then take it through the Amendment process, and accept the will of the people if it fails, then fine. Otherwise your just one more authoritarian scofflaw, and get out of my face."

  14. Mr. Schofield:

    I've been suggesting stiffer, harsher penalties for crimes committed 'under arms' for a while now. I find it quite telling who agrees, and who insists I'm wrong.

    Public executions might work well too. I'd be willing to give it a whirl.

  15. I've seen the phrase "rip the gun from my cold dead hands" a few times, now —- I'm changing that narrative just a bit —- I'm gonna rip the gun from YOUR cold dead hands, strip your body of all of your gear / ammo / NODS, etc and go after the SOB that sent you to get me.

  16. Lawdog:

    I remember back in '45 when the teacher found Johnny chewing gum in kindergarten, the whole class was punished. It appears that kind of thinking hasn't changed in — years.


  17. A few days ago I watched the Russian version of the Sobidor Concentration camp uprising. It struck me that the difference was that in Sobidor the government had all the guns and twenty or so armed men slaughtered thousands of people, and terrorized the rest, up until the internees acquired some firearms, then the situation radically changed,
    There are many who argue that only the military "law enforcement" should have AR15s or the the like.
    While I believe that the vast majority of the Police in the US are honorable men and women. I also believe that if the Socialists take power, we very well may have a new type of Law enforcement made up of the likes of Antifa, akin to Gestapo or the KGB, or the Kenpeitai, all of whom were what could be defined as "law enforcement" and there is no doubt in my mind that given any power Antifa would act in the same was as they did so no I won;t give up my guns

  18. You don't care about kids getting shot. Got it. aaaaaaand got it. Carry on.

    1. The shooter in Dayton was shot in 30 seconds or less according to the media… So how about this, constitutional carry coast to coast. End ALL fun free zones. Maybe we can get the response time down to ten seconds or less. That oughta turn mass shooters into one shot wonders. As in "I wonder what that fool was thinking?"

    2. I don't know @FredLewers. I wouldn't want to give Antifa the green light on that. That smells like trouble.

  19. Hey, braveheart "Anonymous."
    I won't let my kids or their friends be shot or rounded up by you and your gang-banging friends.
    I don't care about these two twenny-sumpin brainless soulless psychotics being shot,
    but I don't really care if idiots like you who think all the evil in the world will go away if you just take my guns, get shot, no.

    We clear?

    1. Wait, how are you not going to "let" your kids get shot? I mean giving them the "if your friend's dad has a gun" talk and jumping in front of the mass shooter's bullets is all well and good but you can't be everywhere. Guns are.

      Also, evil won't disappear from the world if you take all the guns away. There's still knives, swords and cars to worry about.

  20. Ya, and right now Texas is prosecuting a fake American from Kenya for murdering 19 seniors. Mostly woman, (what a brave one he is). I'm surprised we even heard about El Paso or Dayton with all the coverage that story is getting.
    Statement heard somewhere in the future, " Man, I guess those rednecks were serious about keeping their guns!"

  21. Nobody wants your guns. They just don't want to get shot on their way to Walmart. Or the bar. Or the movies. Or the mall. Or the Navy surplus store.

  22. I wouldn't let my kids have a driving license until they took a marksmanship class. I've wondered if a certain percentage of A-Zone hits should be a requirement for voting. It's all about meeting one's citizenship obligations.

    My reply to anyone trying to make political hay over the bodies of innocent children is that I will only listen to proposals that would actually have prevented the events.

  23. Those who advocate for "Common sense gun control" are proclaiming that they can fix the problems of criminals by attacking those who abide by the law…

    Or to put it another way:
    The gun control argument is that they can stop drunk driving by taking away the cars of sober sober drivers.


    If that logic worked then Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington DC would be quiet and peaceful gardens of Eden.

    MSG Grumpy

  24. And so goes Ohio……..

    Republican governor of Ohio urges gun sale background checks after Dayton shooting: https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-ohio-shooting-gun-control-20190806-phblnpzghffp5i7zob4shjkqt4-story.html

    "Ohio's Republican governor urged the GOP-led state Legislature Tuesday to pass laws requiring background checks for nearly all gun sales"
    What the fuck does that even mean?! Unless it's a person to person sale, all "legal" gun sales already require a background check. NICS much anyone?

  25. Alan Korwin has a proposal I can support: publish the list of prohibited persons online (limit who can see it if you like). Seller checks list – your name not on it? Good to go, no need to ask, or tell, the FBI anything else. Now that's INSTANT, and can be Universal. If your name is on the list and shouldn't be, allow a judge to order it off.

    1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    2. Our constitutional rights can be infringed after a due process and conviction in a court of law. Our right to life and liberty never stopped anyone getting thrown in jail or hung for a crime, after all. That's not me saying which it should be, if some rights can be lost permanently or returned when a sentence is complete. Just a nit pick about the issue of infringement of rights.

      Tim's suggestion has some good points, mainly that there's no record of the search. Currently, there's a record of the search even if there's no record of what you bought or if you did. So that would be a step in the right direction.

  26. Of course that wouldn't have prevented about any of the mass shootings…

  27. Australia, Great Britain, and Venezuela have disarmed populations. Now in GB, posting a meme can get you jailed if a knife murder doesn’t get you first. In Venezuela, the majority of the disarmed population is oppressed and abused my the minority elites with the guns. Giving up the right of self defense in the pursuit of security will result in oppression and loss of any freedom we have left.

  28. This is not about guns. Guns are tools.
    This is about power and control and guns are a tool/means to power and control.

    "…from my cold dead hands!"

    Probably not.
    I love numbers.
    The numbers I have seen regarding the number of guns in America and the assets that would be required to confiscate them are comforting to most people.
    However, food has been a source of power and control for governments and warlords since the first politician raised his head up out of the dust.
    I was expounding on this to a nephew a while back when he told me a buddy of his had seen Ronald Reagan at an event in 1984.
    The subject of the government confiscating guns was broached.
    Reagan said that the government will not have to confiscate guns because people will be trading them in to the government in exchange for food for their families.

  29. Addendum:
    If you doubt the control the government has over our food supply I suggest you bone up on the Commerce Clause of the Constituion in Milburn vs The US Government.

  30. Regarding the "nobody wants to take your guns" claim by Anonymous, a bit ago, there are apparently a lot of "nobodys" out there.


    As for Lawdog's post, anytime someone starts with "you have to agree", regardless of the subject, you (generic "you") shouldn't even take a second's pause before saying "No, I don't have to agree," followed immediately by ending the conversation, with the level of politeness depending on personal preferences (mine sometimes starts at terms scatological, and goes downhill from there 😛 ).

    Pretty much any attempt to manipulate the discussion that way is a strong hint that the person doing so isn't interested in an honest debate.

  31. So, Dawg, if you will entertain a question from a fan eager to hear your opinion on the matter, I would like to ask you about your opinion on the Federal Firearms Act of 1934? I admit a torn heart on the matter. The guy who swore an oath about the US Constitution a long time ago says "It's infringing upon that which shall not be infringed." And it should have been overturned by the first judge within 100 yards of it as such. On the other hand we all know people who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches unsupervised, do we want them with a tommygun or TNT?

    Anonymous cause I'm at work and should be doing something more productive.

  32. I'm in El Paso, I own guns. We're being pilloried. There were at least licensed carriers in there, they did the right thing. They kept their guns holstered and got people of out there. They didn't know how many shooters there were, nor did they have a good fix on the shooter. In a mob scene like that, drawing your weapon was probably the worst choice to make, especially since the police were swarming in within 6 minutes. One officer got there and rushed right in, as per protocol. A customer saw the shooter and probably saved lives by chunking cans and bottles at him, until the shooter wounded him. By the way, that E-4 hero at the mall? He's a stolen valor asshole.

  33. "Anonymous said…
    You don't care about kids getting shot. Got it. aaaaaaand got it. Carry on.

    2:19 PM"

    And you don't care how many kids get hit by drunk drivers. Carry on.

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