Requiescat in pace

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed on.

Though I disagreed with some of her decisions, she was passionate, honourable, articulate, and her legal decisions were well-thought.

I hope that memories of the good times provide a solace to her kith and kin; and I will light a candle for her shade.

Walk in beauty, Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


We remember in September

12 SEP 1683, at 1600 hours, Polish infantry skirmished their way to some flat ground outside of the besieged city of Vienna, and paused while their king — Jan III Sobieski — and 3,000 of his Winged Hussars emerged from the tree-line.

The Ottoman commander facing them sent a few companies to probe the Polish lines, at which point the Polish infantry fell back, leaving the heavy Hussars in place. 

Seeing the Polish infantry retreating, the Ottoman commander ordered his cavalry on the left wing to engage the Poles and drive them from the battlefield.

One can only imagine the shock of the Sipahis when the Hussars began a canter towards them; indeed, the German infantry troop of the Holy Roman Empire to the left of the Hussars paused in awe as the Polish heavy cavalry lowered lances and burst into a full gallop at 50 paces from the Ottoman forces. 

And then the Ottomans learned that in the Winged Hussars they faced the finest cavalry in the world, as they were smashed and scattered to the winds. 

At 1800 hours, the Ottoman cavalry dead or fled, King Jan III Sobieski linked up with allied elements and personally led his 3,000 Winged Hussars, an additional 17,000 friendly cavalry, and his set of ordnance-steel family jewels into the elite Janissary infantry of the Ottoman Empire like the fist of an angry god. 

The Janissaries, who were guarding the Ottoman encampment, did their level best against the Husaria. They really did, managing to slow the furious charge, before they broke under the lance-points and thrashing hooves of the Winged Hussars, and allowing the Polish king to drive straight through the heart of the Ottoman encampment. 

At that, Turkish lines collapsed, and routed. As many as 15,000 dead littered the wake of the charge. Another 5,000 Ottoman troops were taken prisoner. 

Three hours after the Poles entered the game, King Jan III Sobieski walked clanked into the empty tent of Kara Mustafa Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. 

Kara Mustafa probably should have hung around — on Christmas Day of that year, at the direct orders of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Kara Mustafa was strangled for the crime of having had his butt handed to him by 3,000 raging winged Poles and their steel-spined king. 

Thanks to Poland and her children, on 12 SEP 1683, the Turkish invasion of Europe took a metaphorical punch to the nose, and in 1699, the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Karlowitz, which ended Turkish rule over Central Europe.

We remember in September.



In biker and inmate slang “FAFO” is a useful term. It is a low-level warning, a general statement about the Nature Of Things, and a kind of Zen philosophy.

It stands for “F(ool) Around and Find Out”, understanding that the first word isn’t “fool”. The past tense is: “F(ool)ed Around and Found Out”.

As a warning, it also implies that the person should accept responsibility for the consequences.

The best example of this was when I was walking through Intake, and spotted Waldo the Wonder Biker leaning against a corner of the holding tank, both eyes swollen shut, nose broken, and blood from his waist to the back of his head. Blinking a bit from the surprise I asked Waldo what happened.

Hocking a bloody lump the size of a kiwi fruit in my general direction, he growled, “I [deleted] around and found out, LT.”

Whole bunch of folks who have been fooling around in far-Left Democratic strongholds are taking their foolishness into less-Leftist areas … and finding out.

The latest is in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and seems to be a pretty spectacular example of “Finding Out”, and while I won’t speculate on the legal details of the shooting, some of the pictures are probably going to wind up in trauma lectures.

Folks f(ool)ed around, they found out; and now the million-dollar questions are: 1) Will they take responsibility for their [deleted]ing around that led to the finding out? 2) Will everyone else learn from this, and modifying their future fooling around?

Survey says:  Probably not.



Clown shoes all the way down.

Well, the Democratic National Convention has been … interesting.

So far the capper has been Bill Clinton finger-wagging at Donald Trump regarding how the Oval Office should be treated: 

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos. Just one thing never changes — his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.”

~Bill Clinton, address to the DNC 18 AUG 2020


Goodness. It’s not like his famous quote: “I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” was a determination to deny responsibility.

His other famous quote — to a Grand Jury, attempting to do … something … with the blame — is even more famous: “That depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

And I’d like to know just who signed off on a speech regarding how the Oval Office should be treated by the former President who used a 20-year-old female intern as a cigar humidor.

Really, folks? This was a good idea?

It’s a maxim that mockery ends political campaigns. You can survive scandals, — hell, you can even drown a woman in a car — and go on to have a lengthy political career; but the moment you become a laughing-stock you’re done.

I’d say that someone needs to point out to the “Progressives” that if the jokes write themselves regarding your convention and your candidates, things might be a little rocky; but, as Le Petit Caporal once allegedly said, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

Ah, well. At least the memes coming out of the Democratic National Convention should be brutal.

Carry on, “Progressives”.


No, cupcake. Now what?

Whole bunch of Pantifa, (Some) Black Lives Matter, random anarchist/Marxist/nihilist groups getting their tenders all up in a cramp because people are posing pictures and videos of their nightly exploits on the InterToobz, the constabulary are using the pics to snatch up up their buddies; and they would like folks to stop posting such.

This wee tearful lass is an example:

I am, as the man said, disinclined to acquiesce to your request.

And, truth be told, I really don’t care if your little dacoit buddies are getting turfed into the hoosegow. Matters not one whit to me. Matter of fact, if your Progressive allies in office want to get your felonious buddies out, and drop charges altogether, that’s fine. Get on with your bad selves.

How-some-ever, I want the public to see what your “progressive” movement is actually like. I want the voting public to be spoon-fed your “progressive” antics until they are sick unto nausea about it, and then I want that same voting public’s (metaphorical) nose rubbed in your “progressivism” until it gets through their little heads that some of them voted the politicians in place who have fostered this bushwa, who tolerate the violence, and who endorsed the anarchy.

I want the voting public to finally get tired of paying the salaries of university professors who spark-plug this mess.

I want the voting public to be so ashamed of their complicity in voting for those idiots, and so enraged at your antics that they use the polls and their wallets to land on the Progressive movement like the fist of a furious and wrathful god.

So. No, I will not stop posting pictures and videos of rioters. I will not stop adding commentary that makes those pictures and videos stick in viewer’s minds.

Nothing but love,


Are you not entertained?

The subject I referred to in my last post was the man who got soccer-kicked in the head by a “mostly-peaceful protester” in Portland on 17 AUG 2020. Details can be found here.

Go to that link. Watch the video of an unresisting man, sitting the street as ordered by the crowd that yanked him out of his pickup, soccer-kicked in the head from behind. Listen to the crowd howl and snarl at him.

Let everyone you know see that video.

And, for the sake of various and sundry deities — stay the hell away from those areas. 

As for the Progressive Democrats:

This is on you.

The “Progressive” mayor of Portland, with his mealy-mouthed kowtowing to “restorative justice”, his refusal to even admit that the protests were getting violent, and his hamstringing of the Portland Police Bureau has fostered the atmosphere that led to this.

And the “Progressive” voters in Portland who put him in office, need to take a big, honking bite of the blame, too.

The “Progressive” District Attorney of Portland, with his list of freebie crimes that protesters will not be charged with after they brazenly commit them — fostered the atmosphere that led to this.

And the “Progressive” voters that put that District Attorney in office — they share in that blame, also.

To everyone else, I say:

Here is your free, three month trial version of rule by Progressive Democrats.  Portland. Seattle. Minneapolis.  All run by “Progressives”.

You liking what you see so far? Are you enjoying the Twitter videos of “mostly-peaceful” rioters burning, and looting, and destroying, and terrifying everything they can get their slimy little claws on? Are you titillated reading the reports of the rapes, and the thefts, and the assaults, and the shootings inside their “peaceful” little Occupied Zones?

Are you not entertained?

The Democrat Party has bought into this “Progressive Democracy” lock, stock, and barrel. Some of them publicly approve of it.  Those that don’t tacitly approve of it.

Might keep that in mind when you go to the polls in November.

Just saying.


The long game.

Today brings video of yet another  Reginald Denney moment: (yet another) rampaging mob yanks a dude out of his pickup and (yet again) beats him into brain damage, and (yet again) celebrates it.

A whole lot of scary people are starting to make that (metaphorical) low-in-the-throat growling sound, and I’d like to talk to y’all for a moment.

My buddy SwampRabbit has been saying that the Left is desperately looking for their “Kent State moment”, and he is correct.

The only way that the Media, and their Democratic handlers, can salvage this Antifa/BLM mess is through the Ballistic Beatification of a rioters (or a group of them). So I’m asking you: stay out of it.

For a little while, at least.

I’m not saying ignore it — forward every video of mobs committing criminal acts, and remind folks which political party controls that area. If the elected officials in that area have been supporting the riots, remind people of that, too.

Let the mobs burn, and assault, and steal. And let the Democrats own it.

Because they do:  in spades.

You only have to do this until the week after the election.

If you’re bloody sick and tired of this, and you’re of a mind to do something about it — and I’ve talked to several folks who ARE DONE — I understand, but I’d prefer you let things shake out on their own.

But if you can’t do that — if you cant let it go — don’t help the Left.

If you can’t just let the locals sort it out — don’t give the Left their bleeding headlines.

Wait until after the election is done.