Brain fried

Another Foolzcon has come and gone. Many stories were told, much laughter was had, many pictures taken, and I am gloriously exhausted.

The first three years we did this thing, people were a little tentative. This year people came to see friends, and to have a grand time — which was done in spades.

Going forward we’re going to have to do some thinking. Foolzcon is growing, and while it will remain an invite-only event, it is inevitable that it will grow larger, and the venue we currently use is barely big enough for what we had this year.

Plus the concrete floor and tin roof meant when Herself cut loose in full operatic mode, things rang a bit.

Discussions will be had in the coming months and we will figure out where to go from here. Do not fear! Foolzcon will continue, just not at the current venue.

Speaking of things growing — Raconteur Press is growing quicker than I had ever expected, or hoped, or dreamed. Holy gods are we growing.

One sign of this is that I have fielded six (I think) phone calls regarding potential projects from five different folks since Monday. I am honoured beyond what anyone knows that y’all would trust me with your ideas … but I’m also brain-burnt from way too many people, and I’m starting to confuse projects; to get the details of one mixed in with the details of another.

This is Not Good. This is my bad, and I apologize.

To keep this from happening again, if you have projects you think would interest Raconteur Press, please send the details to:

Yes, I have an Official Business Email address now!

I will be calling the people that I spoke to, asking for forgiveness for mixing things up, and getting the details hammered out and fixed.

Growing pains. I’ll get better, I promise.


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8 thoughts on “Brain fried”

  1. Iā€™m having that kind of day,too. Getting it in writing goes a long way toward keeping the squirrels in line while they do the Cha Cha Slide.

    1. Ian’s squirrels have graduated to hampster dance song line dancing.

  2. This is a set of good things, which (as always) involves more planning, work, and tracking details to remain good things. You need a Kit 1 for admin work, as long as there’s enough work to keep said Kit from going “bored-wild E-4” on you.

    Very happy with the Raconteur Press offerings.

  3. “Getting it in writing goes a long way toward keeping the squirrels in line while they do the Cha Cha Slide.”
    But if they get into the attic they’re puppy chow.

  4. Seriously, people. Send him an email. Then the rest of the team can keep track of the information for him. (Says the production manager).

  5. For large numbers of people, check out private schools or campgrounds, especially those that have kitchens available for use.

    If’n you know someone in the SCA, they can probably find you a decent number of places that will rent out places for you. Nice thing about the campgrounds is that a lot of them have cabins and such, so no need for hotels/motels. Unless your people don’t like things on the primitive side.

  6. So, WHEN is the next Malta?! šŸ™‚

    It’s nice when good things happen to good people.

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