The Africa Files

Ok, the second book of my little tales is live … sort of.

Right now, the dead-tree edition is up, but we’re having problems with the ebook due to piracy and other non-Amazon issues.

Just out of an abundance of caution, please remember that these new editions are the only authorised versions — all others are being sold by pirate sites, and I don’t get a single thin dime for any of those sales.

So, here is the dead-tree version, and we’ll have the ebook up as soon as we get some letters and emails done.


EDIT: Kindle version is live! FINALLY!



Spite. It gets things done.
What a year....

7 thoughts on “The Africa Files”

  1. For some reason for me that widget tries to link to german kindle version for which then fails for reason of not existing.

    I got it via using the link in the sidebar for book 1, changing out .com for .de, then being informed that book 1 was part of a series of books – clicking on that allowed to go to a page for Africa Files, paperback even if the link claimed ebook…

  2. I just learned of the new and legal editions from Facebook- one of the universe of Larry Correia fandom pages. Knowing they are legal the Kindle versions are now bought. The word is spreading.

  3. Google Earth is a wonderful aid to reading. Have Warri Old Airport, and a rough coordinates 5°32’14″N 5°46’28″E for Odibo Estares ( now W T Odibo Housing Estates, Warri, Nigeria ). Posted a request on Jim’s Facebook page, for Ian, to see if he can locate the former lair of “The Major, Commando Lizard Extraordinaire. Aka House of the Devil Children. And other locations.

  4. My dear sir,

    I bought the previous editions as you announced them (so I hope you got paid), and have done so again with the new ones (and if you didn’t get paid for them, I’ll find my tire iron and go hunting). I have two minor quibbles, both based on a family ritual.

    My wife likes me to read to her after supper. Our fare includes the Durrell Corfu trilogy, some Kipling, some Thurber, and a few oddments, but her favorites are your stories. And therefor I have two problems with the new editions;

    1) I was kinda hoping they would include a number of stories from your site that have become favorites of ours. The two ‘dispatcher’ tales, the critter getting his Justy convertablized, and others. Is there any hope for a third volume>?

    2) You changed the titles of most of the stories. Since my Lady often asks for a specific one, this causes me to have to search, which is a nuisance. Copyright reasons?

  5. I got mine from Castalia House. They look and seem legitimate. Are you saying they’re a pirate publisher?

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