Support starving authors!

Every convention we attend during the 2023 season, we have a contest where we give people who ask a picture and ask them to write a 50-word short story about the picture. We select the top 20 stories, and publish them in a collection.

This release are the short stories we got during the FantaSci convention at Durham, North Carolina in March.

You should probably buy it.

Direct link for book here.


Speech is free for me, but not for thee
Poolside Summer cocktail

3 thoughts on “Support starving authors!”

  1. Those iframes you’re putting the book preview picture in don’t render for me, it’s just a big blank spot with absolutely zero information provided.

    I can sometimes tease out what you’re trying to link to by viewing the source code for the blog entry, and finding the link, and pasting that into another tab but it doesn’t always work and sometimes I just get “That preview is not available” because Amazon refuses to allow Canadians to purchase or read books on the .com domain, it forces us to the .ca domain.

    North world problems, I know, but hey I like to buy and read your books too.

    As a solution, could I ask that you provide a simple HTML link below the cover art that takes one directly to the Amazon purchase page for the book?

    For this book, that would be:

    Those are easy. I just change the .com to .ca and I’m good to go.

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