13 thoughts on “Summer cocktail”

  1. Dog:

    I've been passively reading for quite a while now, and have never posted. However, the mention of Sonic Ice burst my ch…well it prompted me to respond. Sonic Ice perhaps the best in the world. Good call.

    BTW, I really enjoy your blog.

  2. St germain is one of the few new spirit products that's actually good. It also goes well with gin and citrus.

  3. Wow. I know I'm not a drinker, but the only ingredient on the list I understood was the crushed ice.

    But even if I don't imbibe, I don't begrudge anyone who does. Enjoy!

  4. Does one drink this with a pinky extended, while wearing Birkenstocks?

    I think I'll stick with my standard summertime fare – gin and tonic.

  5. I'm thinking whether one drinks this with pinkie extended while wearing birkenstocks depends on whether one normally does those two thing anyway. Regardless of whether I try this or stick with sweet tea w/lemon, I'll keep all five digits on the glass just as I would with my cold weather choice of Jim Beam with or without coffee.

  6. 'Parrently, that girly-girl's rubbin' off on our beloved Dog, huh?



    PS: WV="Seezed" — "Ah thank she done seezed alla Dog's manly-dranks…

    Wha-chew thank??"

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  8. Escape the heat with one of these breezy summer drinks. This bubbly punch is just right for cocktail hour.

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