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Sharp-eyed readers have noticed that ‘Ghosts of Malta’ was published by Raconteur Press.

That is my personal Publishing house — a ‘vanity press’ as it were — and is not a shell corporation for anyone else. It is me, Herself, C.V. Walter, and Jonna Hayden.

I have made the decision that in the future I will not be publishing through anyone that I haven’t sat down and had a drink or a meal with; and if I can’t drive a couple of hours — or days —  and settle issues over a mug of coffee, I’m not going to sign a contract with them.

Speaking of, contracts for the second Malta anthology were e-mailed last night — we already have a cover, and we’re looking at a release date the week prior to FenCon in September.

One of the pleasant things I’m discovering about chairing anthologies is publishing first-time fiction authors. The Malta Anthologies have several authors whose first ever foray into fiction is these collections, and their giddy squee-ing gives me a warm feeling that I didn’t expect. Rather nice.

Sigh. That reminds me — when we get decently out of the red, I need to find someone to make a logo for Raconteur Press. Something with a fox, I think.

We’re still accepting stories for the third Malta book, and we’ll start accepting submissions for the ‘Space Cowboys’ anthology after we get FenCon in the bag.

‘Pinup Noir’ submissions will open … probably November, but I’m not locking in to any dates until we get August and September done with.


Logo for Raconteur Press

12 thoughts on “Raconteur Press”

  1. Muted and slightly Bourbon-fueled Squeee.

    Does the ghost theme continue in the 3rd Malta book, or is that going down another path?

    1. There isn’t a ‘ghost theme’. The only theme on any of these is that the story involve Malta, and that it be entertaining.

  2. Honestly ‘dog, the drawing Cedar drew of a fox being mosh pitted by a bunch of squirrels kinda fits if you ask me…

  3. Wait… fox??? you???
    BTW, “Meditations on Reading” was excellent, and got a few of my lib “we must do SOMETHING” friends off my back. Grateful, I am.

  4. My friend, owning your own business is in no way, shape, nor form, a ‘vanity!’

    What you have there is a real honest-to-ghod small press. So shh! and don’t call it a vanity press, because those are predators who prey on authors to take their money.

  5. “Raconteur Press”
    A racoon beside a tour bus, holding his map upside-down as a fox facepaws?

  6. What sort of time window will Cowboys be open for submission? I have the start date saved now; just looking for total time involved.

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